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How Covid-19 Affected POS Systems Evolution

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Are you an active online shopper now? Do you avoid large queries and crowds? If the answer is yes in both cases - welcome to the post-Covid-19 reality. Current conditions made us change our usual approaches to shopping, cancel weekly restaurant dinners, and wash hands regularly.

Businesses are still in progress in transforming and tailoring the new normal. Modernization or the entire replacement affected Point of Sale systems we're used to. Somebody says they will never be so popular anymore. Others are looking for ways to change it and save its value.

If you're wondering how coronavirus affected POS popularity and in what way retail, HoReCa, and other companies use it now - this article will provide you with answers. Scroll down to discover more.

Are POS Systems Still Popular?

Yes. Definitely yes. Probably, good old Point of Sale systems are not relevant anymore. But businesses need it as a central point of their business operations. I love to repeat that POS is not just a cashier's workplace. It can gather all the systems and equipment under one roof and create a unified management approach. All food you order and all items you purchase are scanned and checked by POS. It will never change.

Point of Sale is responsible for several non-visible but still crucial processes, like:

  • real-time data transferring to tax authorities

  • creation of accurate reporting

  • data collection about warehouse, assortment management, logistics, and marketing processes

  • processing of information on customer behavior and preferences

POS systems we know were upgraded to Checkout Software. Vendors expanded their functionality, eliminated core weaknesses, and, last but not least - let businesses ensure clients and employees with a high level of safety.

How Businesses Apply POS Systems Now: Self-Service Kiosks

Since businesses strive to protect their customers and staff, they apply different types of POS to minimize direct interactions between them. Self-order solutions or Self-service kiosks became a great alternative to good old Point of Sale. You probably know what it is about if you visited MacDonald's at least once. These devices allow buyers to choose the desired items and pay for them with debit or credit card without employee involvement. You should interact with a cashier only in case of cash payment.

What do Self-service kiosks mean for customers:

  • the absence of queries

  • a smart way to stay safe

  • quick payment procedures

What do Self-service kiosks mean for employees:

  • elimination of routine work

  • a smart way to stay safe

  • better experience from interacting with clients

What do Self-service kiosks mean for businesses:

  • better customer service

  • uplift in client & employee satisfaction

  • empowering brand credibility

  • elimination of human mistakes

  • employee work optimization

Most retailers could boast of the availability of the self-order solution even before the pandemic. We can easily use self-checkouts in Walmart, 7-Eleven, or other stores. However, for entertainment and HoReCa players, it's a new approach suitable in post-Covid-19 time.

Such solutions are in demand because of their ability to cover customer service's weaknesses. Following Technavio's market analysis report, the self-service kiosk market size will grow by USD 3.33 billion from 2021 to 2026.

Global self - service kiosk market 2022-2026
Source: Technavio market research report

Wrap Up

Vendors always strive to improve POS systems following corporate clients’ requirements and market conditions. But the crisis is not the cause to forget about this product. It is evolving with users, becoming Checkout Software implemented in Self-service kiosks, mobile devices, etc. Therefore, we can conclude that the Point of Sale system will not disappear. This software will continue to empower businesses with smooth integrations and the ability to supercharge customer experience.

If you need to receive a custom-developed Point of Sale system, let us know. Our specialists will apply their expertise and knowledge to accelerate the achievement of your strategic goals.

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