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The JEVERA team received experience in the improvement and adaptation of ERP including POS software, contact center & logistics modules for retailers. Our clients are both grocery and non-food retail chains with an omnichannel commerce approach, shopping floors over 160,000 square meters, and over 400 brick-and-mortar stores.


Support Omnichannel Approach

Today’s retail is only about traditional brick-and-mortar and plenty of sales channels like contact centers, e-stores, marketplaces, social media buying, etc., integrated into the central OMS, offering the same customer experience level. OMS is here a middleware assuring seamless “communication” between all the sales channels and all the other ERP modules.

Modernize Legacy ERP System

An Enterprise Resource Planning software is a digital brain of a retail business conducting all the operations from assortment to order management and customer support. Legacy ERPs developed 20+ years ago using Delphi make it hard to compete and offer more than just brick-and-mortar sales. Legacy migration is here to help.

Boost Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about changes that make businesses more flexible and, accordingly, more competitive. One of our recent projects for a retailer involved migrating a monolithic architecture to microservices so that the system could support the business' desire to grow and quickly add new services for customers.

Already know what your store needs? Drop us a line.

Improve Employee Experience

When employees receive a convenient and easy-to-use digital tool they start loving their job. A gamification module integrated into the user-friendly and clean Point of Sale interface adds motivation when performing daily tasks and reduces staff turnover.

Elevate Cross- and Upsell Opportunities

A modern UI digital work interface with product clustering and prompting feature make it possible to boost sales by up to 20% by generating offers in real-time. If the client buys some coke, the system will suggest to the salesperson to offer the client some best matching snacks. 

Improve Customer Experience

The faster client’s issue gets fixed, the more likely he or she will buy from the retailer again and even recommend it. JEVERA used to modernize a legacy retail contact center aimed to boost customer experience by increasing the customer support speed by 17%. How? A user-friendly agent’s interface with all the needed data concentrated in one place. 


If you want to discuss our experience in person, feel free to contact us.

Point of Sale Software Modernization

Client: Joint project with our tech partner O-Digital for a retail chain with 400+ convenience stores.

Challenge: The legacy POS system was slowing down the company's digital transformation. The store staff has been making expensive mistakes during the checkout. The onboarding process for new store employees was too complicated with caused high turnover.

Solution: The JEVERA engineering team has developed and implemented an entirely new POS infrastructure that covers full orders’ lifecycle:

  • processing;

  • work-shift management;

  • wet-stock-related operations, etc.

The new POS was integrated with the client’s loyalty systems, external payment systems, and back-office systems as well as with a variety of IoT devices.


Any additional questions?

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Mazvydas Stundzia.png

We are constantly working on the implementation of new opportunities for our customers. eCommerce is one of them.

The engineers and analytics from JEVERA have helped us to develop an eCommerce launch plan. This required a deep review of our current business processes and architectural solutions, crucial integration points.

Thank you!

Mazvydas Stundzia

Director of the information management department at

NOVUS UKRAYINA is a fast-growing nationwide chain of 90+ supermarkets and department stores employing more than 8,000 people managed by the Lithuanian parent company. 



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