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The world is constantly changing, and digital transformation is not the issue of business anymore. Governmental institutions and the public sector has to follow the increasing demand for technological solutions to offer better services and make them faster. JEVERA is here to help.

Web Develoment

Software Architecture Modernization

Web Application Development

Process Automation

Legacy software slows down the progress. The architecture builds the core of the software. A modernized flexible core means the software can be modified faster, new features or digital services can be launched with minimal downtime or without it at all.

Governmental agents are trying to digitize the maximum number of their services because it is convenient and people want it. We are used to shopping, learning, and booking hotels online, so we expect the state to provide its services right in the browser.

Migration from Desktop to Web

Legacy Software Migration

Migration From Desktop To Web

Migration to the web allows you to significantly increase the number of software users because there is no need to download, install and update it. The application in the browser is available on different devices and makes its user more mobile.

Software migration to a new tech stack or, for example, to a new microservice architecture allows to speed up the modernization process and improve the quality of public services provided. Legacy systems, on the other hand, require constant support, and their bulkiness does not allow the state to keep up with the times.

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"Software development is not only about making business but also about making socially wholesome things"

Evgeniy Aleksandrenko

Digital Transformation Officer at JEVERA


Information-Telecommunication System Modernization

Client: International Organization for Migration (development customer); State Border Guard Service of Ukraine (system recipient).

Challenge: The legacy did not meet the requirements of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) strategy. SBGS demanded a software solution to collect and store biometric data about border crossings. The border security efficiency had to de boosted.


Solution: The JEVERA engineering team has developed a solution that performs real-time verification of the border crossing person and checks records in numerous international databases and ban lists. Using an updated interface, the border guard himself can create a new record about illegal acts or intrusion attempts with easy navigation and a variety of adjustable options, like transport means, carried objects, other passengers, etc., and sign it with his e-signature. The inbuilt analytics module processes the collected data and creates consolidated reports for further SBGS strategy improvements.


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Working with the JEVERA engineering team, we always have full confidence in their clear understanding of the business needs, realistic resource and cost estimation, creative software design, and timely delivery with superior quality.

Warren Wright

CEO, Sead Software LLC


Sead Software LLC (USA) is an analytics company and developer of a cloud-based data insights platform intended to provide data handling, consultancy, and aggregation. The company's platform offers its services through a back-end system, and database platform to support aggregating, encrypting, and compressing data from various systems.



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