We create Java-based backed and middle-tier applications with the wide use of tools and frameworks from Apache, Spring, WSO2, Oracle, and IBM to make your business processes robust, transparent, and secure. At the end of the day, you will get a long-term supported solution tailored to your business needs. Read more...


We deliver native AWS Cloud applications with the support of Kubernetes, S3, RDS, and Cloudwatch. We design-easily scalable SaaS and enterprise services based on microservice architecture. We transform your legacy system into the cloud application, to deliver you a new competitive product for your business. Read more...

We make great strides in cross-browser and cross-platform development, responsive web design, mobile web development, based on Angular and React. Here at JEVERA, we can make your digital presence more functional and user friendly. Read more...

We design high-performance big data collection and transformation for 10+ millions of daily records, including real-time complex event processing for 10+ thousand events per second. We take care of the data life cycle, data security, and encryption. It gives you more options to introduce instant and personalized services your customers. Read more...


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