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We are enthusiasts achieving a common goal to make the world better. We are a small company creating complex, innovative software for large retail, telecom, healthcare, and tech industry players. All of us are unique. This difference is our secret ingredient, empowering the team. A variety of cultures, experiences, and views helps us understand our clients and share the same values.




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Anna Tyschenko

Chief Executive Officer

Anna shares that the team is her core achievement, helping overcome obstacles to business development. She collects wine & shoes and likes to surprise others with her specialty baking. Anna has 17-year strong expertise in the telecom and IT industries. She has been taking part in digital transformation projects of large telecom operators and retailers.

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Evgeniy Aleksandrenko

Digital Transformation Officer

Evgeniy’s core achievements are transparent and trusty relations he built with owners and top managers of large companies. He values ​​the opportunity to help these businesses develop and has been doing it successfully for the last 15 years. He is fond of reading, puzzles, and skiing. An intriguing fact you should know about Evgeniy - at the age of 8, he ran a real ship. 

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Iryna Manukovska

Chief Marketing Officer

Iryna found herself by supporting employee growth. She’s an owner of the Global SABRE Award for one of the best PR campaigns in the world. Iryna started her second career as a mentor and coach. She is a creative marketer and contemporary artist who has already shown people the beauty at 13 exhibitions in Ukraine and Cyprus. A curious fact: Iryna’s first job was drag racing championships heading and promotion.

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Taras Chorniy

Chief Technology Officer

Taras is a core driver of all tech processes in the company. He is a mastermind for engineers, creating innovative solutions for JEVERA partners. He is also a talented professional who turned an inoperable legacy system into a worthy competitor for ORACLE and MS SQL Server. Taras is passionate about athletics and ultramarathons. He can boast of silver (2015) and bronze (2016) medals gained in 100 km national championships. Taras joined JEVERA in 2011.

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Lesia Kasian

Chief Delivery Officer

Lesia created a team that automated a significant part of the mobile network management processes of a large national CSP. She is also proud of the successful implementation of CRM and a billing system for the U.S. telecom operator. Lesia enjoys windsurfing, skiing, kitesurfing, and diving. By the way, she worries about the environmental condition of oceans and seas. When diving, Lesia picks up garbage from the seabed.

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Julia Dayneko

Chief Operating Officer

Julia is a very active and inspirational person. She manages various projects within and outside JEVERA simultaneously. Julia is the Chairwoman for the Chernihiv IT Cluster, leads the HR Community Chernihiv, and organizes business events. She is convinced that one-day leadership will become the main feature that differentiates human beings from AI, and is digging deeper into the topic. And she loves free diving. 78 feet down without any equipment is Julia's personal best.

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What is JEVERA for me? It's a life, a friendship, and a development. Both I and the people around gather them under one roof daily. Here I can grow professionally and personally inspired by achievements, results, and a big desire to become better than yesterday. We like to deal with challenging tasks and do it perfectly.

Max Koval

Project Manager


JEVERA is the most people-oriented company I've ever seen. I can feel this attitude no matter where I am. We like changes, new ideas, and actions, making us progressive. I respect this place for such openness. Here, every opinion matters.

Kateryna Ponomarenko

Business Analyst

Evgeniy Chuprina JEVERA.png

I would say that at JEVERA we can move mountains together. We  achieve great goals by listening to the client and working side by side with motivated and result-driven people, just like you.

Ievgen Chupryna

Software Architect



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