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Grocery retail


NOVUS UKRAYINA found the best-fit way to launch eCommerce with the JEVERA team


NOVUS UKRAYINA is a rapidly expanding nationwide network of supermarkets and department stores overseen by the Lithuanian parent company. The client prioritizes delivering exceptional levels of service and comfort, fostering an environment conducive to collaboration with like-minded partners and suppliers. The NOVUS chain continues to flourish with over 90 supermarkets and a dedicated workforce of over 8,000 high-level specialists.


Development and implementation of eCommerce business processes

Before the global shift to eCommerce, NOVUS was well-known as a chain of brick-and-mortar grocery stores. But a significant change in customer demand and fierce competition made the company seek opportunities to broaden its services and go online. Meanwhile, the eCommerce field requires new well-designed business processes to cover each stage of service provision. Therefore, NOVUS sought the expertise of the JEVERA team to assist in developing and implementing new eCommerce business processes.

Launch of online sales channels

The company meticulously evaluated numerous scenarios for eCommerce development, specifically focusing on sales channels. However, the imperative for business leaders was to guarantee the flawless launch and operation of the selected channels, delivering an exceptional customer experience right from the outset.

Being contracted as consultants on implementing eCommerce and the Transformation of core systems, JEVERA has established itself as a conscientious and reliable partner that qualitatively and fully fulfills its obligations. The project aimed to help our company, which has been successfully engaged in offline retail for many years, create a plan to launch a new business stream, eCommerce.

- Mazvydas Stundzia, Director of information management department, 


The JEVERA team performed an extensive and valuable business analysis and tech audit to successfully help NOVUS launch the new eCommerce initiative. Developers have created an efficient plan for the development and implementation of new eCommerce-oriented systems as well as their seamless integration with the existing offline business IT infrastructure. 


check-list (1).png


JEVERA developers conducted a comprehensive analysis and review of existing IT systems (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.) and possible ways of data exchange and interaction with new systems. That initiative aimed to gain a holistic understanding of the underlying strengths and weaknesses within the existing IT landscape, enabling them to suggest pertinent scenarios for transforming the infrastructure to support the new eCommerce offering.

analysis (1).png


NOVUS obtained a valuable assessment of existing business processes, revealing potential areas for enhancement and prospects for developing and customizing eCommerce business strategies. JEVERA's meticulous approach in this domain enabled the company to establish a finely-tuned business ecosystem that aligns with the demands of the eCommerce landscape.

proof-of-concept (1).png


Shoulder-to-shoulder with the client, the JEVERA team validated business & tech ideas to demonstrate their feasibility and potential success. It allowed NOVUS to test critical components, assess customer demand, evaluate operational efficiency, and make informed decisions before committing significant resources to a full-scale eCommerce implementation.

The JEVERA team conducted a business audit, which resulted in documentation on the contact center's architecture, infrastructure, and business processes. JEVERA also developed a GitLab to automate deployment and control code versions.

 - Vlad Podgornyy 
Head of Digital Projects Department, NOVU


The joint efforts of NOVUS and JEVERA helped the client launch their eCommerce services during the war, proving the flexibility of IT infrastructure and business processes developed. Consequently, the company got:

Сomprehensive analysis of business processes

Adaptation of business conditions to new eCommerce services

Detailed plan of eCommerce software development and implementation 

Advanced and seamlessly integrated infrastructure that allows the decoupling of offline and online commerce


What is grocery eCommerce?

Grocery eCommerce is online purchasing and delivery of grocery items, where customers can browse through a digital platform or website, select the products they need, and have them delivered to their doorstep.

How to start eCommerce business?

To start an eCommerce business, business leaders should go through the discovery stage by analyzing market conditions and current business processes. It allows companies to develop an efficient and flexible eCommerce development strategy as well as explore what IT infrastructure updates are needed to succeed. 

Is eCommerce tech?

Yes, eCommerce can be considered a form of technology. It involves using digital platforms, websites, and online tools to facilitate online buying and selling of products or services. The technological infrastructure behind eCommerce enables transactions, secure payments, inventory management, order fulfillment, and other essential online retail functions.

Is eCommerce worth it?

Yes, eСommerce can be worth it as it offers numerous benefits such as increased reach, customer convenience, lower overhead costs compared to traditional retail, and potential for scalability. However, eСommerce success requires careful planning, effective software, and adaptation to changing market trends.

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