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MVP of all-in-one management platform for volunteer cooperation in 2 weeks


A group of individual volunteers and NGOs supplying humanitarian aid to those in need due to the full-scale war in Ukraine.


Volunteers and NGOs came-up with an idea to create a business platform called "United By Idea" (UBI) to streamline volunteer activities by facilitating rapid collaboration and efficient asset management. They were seeking a software agency capable of supporting the development of this non-commercial project from a technical perspective.

The war led to a situation where volunteers and businesses had to collaborate amid chaos. Therefore, all the parties involved required a platform to gather them and facilitate seamless connections whenever necessary.


Among the primary challenges that the solution had to address were:

Lack of Warehouse Systematizaion

Volunteers struggled with managing substantial humanitarian aid within warehouses. They needed a robust and adaptable solution to establish an effective warehouse management process.

Partnership Issues

Given the force majeure circumstances, volunteers had to take swift action. However, finding dependable suppliers for raw materials, available courier services, and the like usually takes significant time. The platform aimed to simplify these processes by providing a comprehensive database of entities ready for collaboration.

Fraud Prevention

Volunteers consistently encountered fraud issues during their operations. The solution was required to offer secure and reliable partners without necessitating extra time for risk management procedures.

Document Workflow

Typically, negotiations and agreement signings are time-intensive. The business platform was designed to save invaluable time by providing all necessary documents within minutes.

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In collaboration with several partners, including, the JEVERA team exerted their utmost effort to expedite the launch of a business networking platform. The developers successfully crafted a web-based business collaboration platform and a mobile application for effective warehouse management. Within the initial three months, the team introduced a substantial portion of functionality to the NGOs and the platform's users.

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We were presented with an ambitious idea, and our objective was to transform it into a full-fledged solution. That task was quite demanding as it necessitated a profound understanding and a good deal of creativity. Remarkably, the development process progressed swiftly. Within just two weeks of concentrated effort, we managed to craft a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

- Max Koval, Project Manager @ JEVERA

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The business collaboration platform facilitates the identification of suitable contractors and establishes transparent business relationships right from the start. Volunteers can submit their orders through an application format and receive prompt responses from other businesses, investors, or government authorities. Regular reporting and real-time status updates offer all parties a clear grasp of the current stage of the process.


Another key objective of that solution was to streamline and enhance the logistics process, ensuring transparency for all parties involved. The platform facilitates the accurate setup and management of routes, prioritizing selecting the safest and most efficient routes. It enables seamless tracking of shipments from point A to point B throughout their journey. The system comes pre-integrated with a cartographic system, supporting offline maps.


A state-of-the-art and scalable mobile application designed for effective warehousing empowers volunteers to establish well-structured processes for organizing and facilitating warehouse operations. The app also features an offline mode, allowing it to function without connection, which makes it resilient in various conditions. A registration and accounting system for warehouse and logistics resources bolsters it. This systematic approach not only benefits companies but also acts as a safeguard against fraud.

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A comprehensive grasp of logistics processes and the array of items within warehouses enables volunteers to establish astute inventory management strategies. The application empowers companies to adopt a flexible approach, facilitating timely identification and substituting of any items, ensuring the delivery of equally essential alternatives. In-depth reporting assists entities in maintaining awareness of the situation and promptly responding to any changes.


UBI has been developed with a keen understanding of the heightened volatility of crises, where swift action, adaptable processes, and changing personnel are essential. Its features assist volunteers and businesses in managing critical operations and provide the following advantages:

  • Establishing transparent relationships under tight timelines

  • Ensuring a high level of security

  • Streamlining and simplifying bureaucratic procedures

  • Effective management of warehouses and logistics

  • A user-friendly and convenient interface

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Anna Tyschenko, CEO of JEVERA

As of today, most of the functionality is already delivered and is being tested by volunteers and their colleagues from other organizations and associations. Together with volunteers, our team conducted a demo of the system for representatives of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration. Negotiations are underway to scale up the project and involve the authorities in the use and development of the system.

- Anna Tyschenko,

Chief Executive Officer @ JEVERA


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What is a Business Process Management System?

A Business Process Management System (BPMS) is a software solution designed to facilitate the management, automation, monitoring, and optimization of business processes.

What processes does a business process management platform cover?

A business process management platform covers a wide range of processes, including workflow automation, process modeling, monitoring, analytics, and process optimization. 

What are the pros of a business collaboration platform?

A business collaboration platform enhances communication by providing a centralized space for sharing information, documents, and ideas, fostering efficient collaboration. It also facilitates real-time interactions, leading to faster decision-making and improved productivity.

How does a platform for business networking help Ukrainian businesses?

A business networking platform can help Ukrainian businesses by providing a virtual space to connect with partners, access resources, and share insights, mitigating some of the challenges posed by physical limitations and enabling continued collaboration. It fosters resilience, knowledge exchange, and potential partnerships that can aid businesses in adapting to the wartime circumstances.

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