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Achieving 99% service availability with the JEVERA dedicated team

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Our customer is one of affiliates of a global mobile operator that serves over 8M active subscribers and manages 300+ branches. The company stands on the innovative edge offering its subscribers the latest tech trends in their devices: from 5G and NB-IoT to BigData services and VoLTE.  An integral part of digital transformation inside the company was the modernization of contact center software, performed jointly with the JEVERA dedicated team.


Improve customer experience

The client constantly strives to provide top-notch services to the 8 million strong audiences, staying ahead of the game. As digital transformation continues to take center stage, the business has recognized the impact it could have on customer experience and wanted to explore its potential. With this goal in mind, the telco decided to revamp its legacy contact center, which acted as the primary communication channel between businesses and subscribers.

Boost employee satisfaction

The solution had strong dependencies on the billing system, containing all customer data. The product used was let down by an outdated interface that required employees to constantly switch between multiple systems and dozens of tabs during customer interactions. A sluggish and unresponsive software operation led to the limited ability to offer personalized services, leaving the business with just two basic options: ordering and cancellation.

Decrease human-caused mistakes

Outdated contact center operation resulted in a drop in performance and increased human errors. Legacy modernization with the JEVERA dedicated team became a suitable solution.

Telco CRM Dashboard.jpg


When the client replaced data on prepaid subscribers with a new billing system, they faced the daunting task of dealing with different interfaces for each billing system. It meant that agents and dealers had to use a specific interface depending on which billing system the subscriber belonged to. It would lead to unimaginable confusion.

To address this issue, the client's business leaders and the JEVERA dedicated team decided to migrate customer information to a separate CRM system and create an intuitive contact center interface for employee convenience. It would help agents and dealers abstract from the billing system migration and perform functions without being tied to that circumstance.

The JEVERA engineers used middleware to consolidate all customer support and service activation features. Due to such an approach, they could be performed through all communication channels using a single logic.

We had to work closely with the client side to think through and describe processes correctly. Then it was crucial to teach the staff how to use them. We also needed to monitor the scenarios' efficiency and make improvements in some cases.

- Anna Tyschenko, CEO @ JEVERA


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The new system controls entry points and partial disclosure of data, depending on the group of specialists and their powers. It enabled the business to reduce the risk of hacking, considering that 1.5k employees could work with the system simultaneously. Security measures were also implemented to accompany accessibility, making the system more secure and reliable.



To make the legacy systems more accessible for employees, the JEVERA specialists created an intuitive UI. That approach made service delivery more responsive and increased the accessibility of legacy systems for employees. The system switched to web interfaces instead of local apps, consolidated subscriber data, and improved security.



The real-time supervision feature by the JEVERA team became an efficient way to keep tabs on employee performance and business KPIs. With customizable dashboards available in real-time, Quality Agents and Team Leads could keep a close eye on everything happening, from interactions to results.

Telco CRM Dashboard (1).jpg


Consequently, the telco legacy contact center migration project was a success. With the help of the JEVERA dedicated team, the client was able to: 

  • streamline subscriber data processing 

  • increase service availability from 80% to 99%

  • enhance security

  • speed up service provision by 5x

  • decrease the number of mistakes and requests on the help desk by 2x 

  • achieve 5x audience growth

  • boost employee engagement and experience


The service availability increased from 80% to 99%


Speed up service provision


Decreased the number of mistakes and requests




What is a legacy contact center?

A legacy contact center is a traditional one that operates using an outdated tech stack, which may not be as efficient, flexible, or easy to maintain. 

What is the telecom billing data migration process?

Telecom billing data migration is transferring billing data from one system or platform to another. It involves extracting data from the existing system, transforming it into a format compatible with the new system, and further uploading. 

What is call center modernization?

Call center modernization is upgrading and transforming a traditional call center into a more advanced and efficient software that can meet dynamic business needs.

How to choose telecom call center software?

Consider the functionality, level of scalability, and number of integration points you need. This discovery helps you choose between custom telecom call center software and ready-to-use one.

What are the stages of telco legacy migration?

Telco legacy migration has eight crucial stages: assessment, planning, data migration, system integration, user training, testing, rollout, and maintenance. 

Some questions remained?

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