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JEVERA was born in telecommunications. All of our four founders were working in the IT department of a mobile network operator over a decade ago. It means we have practical experience in software development for the industry, this is what we have started with. We develop new or modernize current business support systems for major international mobile network and internet providers helping them to migrate to a better future.


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Implement A New Revenue Stream

Telecom is one of the most fast-developing industries boosted by 5G, IoT, and Industry 4.0. Therefore it is in constant search of new possibilities. MVNO is one of them. Plenty of CSPs starts cross-industrial cooperation with banking, insurance, and retail with the development of MVNOs-as-a-Service, one more revenue stream for both parties.

Develop A Telco Product

Software product development is a complex process from market analysis to launch. It requires significant human resources and specific experience, which CSPs often do not have. One of our latest projects is a SaaS product, which was originally developed for an internal user but then evolved into a client's new revenue stream.

Offer New Telecom Services

The client and his loyalty are the major values of each business, which motivate it to grow and transform itself. Simple and convenient self-service systems, flexible approaches to tariffs and services, and a seamless shift between CSPs are what the subscriber expects. A flexible IT landscape, i.e. based on microservice architecture, allows the business to be agile and offer something new to the client.

Modernize Legacy Business Support System

Outdated systems slow down business development, do not allow it to grow, and reduce competitiveness. Modernizing legacy software gives businesses the go-ahead and opens up a window of opportunity for them to scale their services, increase the loyalty of present customers and attract new ones.


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Telecom BSS Platform Modernization

Client: Belgian Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Challenge: The customer was looking for software integration services to connect multiple IT systems and assure synchronous launch. Development of a one-stop shop where users can manage all the services they are using within one system, e.g. banking and telecommunication.

Solution: Our dedicated team has created and implemented:

  • An integration layer that supports billing system swap;

  • Transformation, routing, and protocol conversion to transport service requests from the service requester to the correct service provider;

  • System components feature to ensure seamless communication with other systems in functional and non-functional aspects.


Any additional questions?

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The JEVERA team has designed and developed front- and backend components for Effortel’s innovative Telco BSS platform, which serves our clients in Telecom, Banks, Retail, and other verticals. Thank you for your professionalism, proactive communication, and excellent attitude. I would recommend JEVERA to anyone who needs a job done properly.

Martin Petkov

COO, Effortel

Effortel is a global Mobile Virtual Network Enabler and Mobile Virtual Network Provider founded in 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. The Effortel Technologies platform provides all elements required for the technical operation of MVNO - real-time billing for both prepaid and postpaid, reporting, monitoring, invoicing, etc. to its clients in telecom, retail, banking, and other verticals.




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