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The history of JEVERA began in 2009 in the city of Chernihiv. We have our roots in telecommunications and software development for technological companies. Hence, we have proven experience in developing and maintaining business support systems grounded on a deep understanding of the tech approaches in the mentioned industries. But JEVERA is constantly moving forward, expanding its expertise in other domains like retail and healthcare, supporting them on their digital transformation journey.

"For me, JEVERA means all and each of you guys", keeps saying Anna Tyschenko, the CEO. That means we value people and count on their opinions and visions. We grow together as professionals and personalities, lending each other shoulders and supporting our teammates. This is one of our fundamental values. JEVERA is about people creating meaningful solutions.


Our old partners and clients remember us by the name of JBS. But in 2019, we have started the journey of transformation of the business strategy. It influenced the brand itself, its appearance, and its positioning on the market. JBS turned into JEVERA Software Solutions, offering migration to the future by modernizing legacy systems of our clients. By what does JEVERA name stand for?


Is a reference to our previous name "JBS"


Means that we are always ready to face new business challenges


Stands for actuality and expertise development


"We are creating the future by finding the balance between enriching existing applications with features they miss and rebuilding them. "

Lesia Kasian

Chief Delivery Officer @ JEVERA 


We call it "The Art of Partnership" which means that we take our clients as partners and speak the same language with them. And it is not only about English but about understanding each other and being on the same page. The Art of Partnership means that we enable our clients to develop their business without worrying about the digital component because our teams provide support for the entire development cycle - from the bold idea to maintenance.



Designing credibility

We understand that our reputation is our future, so we care about it and support it with our performance and communication with clients and third parties keeping our name sound positive. Being experts in digitalization, we are ready to prove it in each project we start.


Understanding the client

To better understand the client's challenges, we analyze the involved business processes and develop the most efficient digital solution. Each client is our partner, and we share its goals. We take its issues as our own, so thrive on the customer's project as on our own.


Developing expertise

We follow the industries' we are experts in recent trends and bring them to our client's business, supporting its technological efficiency. We are the gateway through which our clients reach new technologies and approaches.


Delivering quality

Each of us cares about the quality of both their work and the entire team's performance. Quality control is part of our solution delivery process. We help our client to determine the non-functional requirements of the end product at its very beginning. These requirements are our quality standards, which we follow from the beginning to the very end of the development.


Supporting each other

We understand that we have a common goal, and we can only achieve it through joint efforts. We are ready to help and support each other at any time. We are not afraid of giving a hand or asking for it.




JEVERA people have always been socially responsible. Everyone of us does something for others, the community, the environment, and the animals. The company shares this ambition to create a better world and launched several CSR projects. Some of them we decided to make public.

We don't need a reason to do something good. We just love it!

JEVERA Scholarship

JEVERA established an annual scholarship for the students of the University of the Third Age in 2021. We wanted to support retired people who still have the ambition to learn something new, meet new friends or even find a partner in a classroom. Here at JEVERA, we believe that knowledge is one of the key drivers of transformation.

Our hometown gets stronger with every small donation.

#SupportUkraine Campaign

Our company was founded in the city of Chernihiv. Our hometown was under a heavy attack of Russian military troops since Fabruary 24, 2022. Hospitals, schools, residential areas were fully or partly destroyed. The city needs our and yours support. Therefore, JEVERA has launched an international domation campaign. All the raised money will be spent on humanitarian and defence needs of the Chernihiv region.

The world wants to know the truth. We decided to help.

International Media Queries

The war in Ukraine is among hot topics in all the major international media like The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Time, etc. We want to help Ukrainian businesses and separate people to address the media with a relevant pitch on topics they are interested in within the war context. So, JEVERA has created a webpage dedicated to media queries where we publish all the requests we manage to find.



Any additional questions? Were are here to help.


The JEVERA team has designed and developed front- and backend components for Effortel’s innovative Telco BSS platform, which serves our clients in Telecom, Banks, Retail, and other verticals. Thank you for your professionalism, proactive communication, and excellent attitude. I would recommend JEVERA to anyone who needs a job done properly.

Martin Petkov

COO, Effortel

Effortel is a global Mobile Virtual Network Enabler and Mobile Virtual Network Provider founded in 2005 in Brussels, Belgium. The Effortel Technologies platform provides all elements required for the technical operation of MVNO - real-time billing for both prepaid and postpaid, reporting, monitoring, invoicing, etc. to its clients in telecom, retail, banking, and other verticals.



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