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"The coverage is incredibly reliable and is critical to our success."

Eric Wright

Chief Information Officer at SEAD Software LLC

SEAD Software is a US technological product company bringing "Wall Street Analytics to Main Street Business". SEAD's goal is to make all businesses as efficient and connected with relevant data as that of a portfolio manager. Their state-of-the-art analytics SaaS portal turns the clients' browser into a powerful data dashboard with all the custom data in one place.

Industry: Information Technology

Services provided: PoC development | Integration Services | Data visualization | BE & FE development


  • Up-to-date analytics and forecasting based on data from various systems.

  • Collect, aggregate, analyze, and visualize data within one service.

  • Data loss protection and encryption.



  • Analytical portal with various access options.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface integrated with 3rd party analytical services.

  • Customizable dashboard-based data visualization.

  • Flexible system settings without data loss.

  • Multilevel access for different user groups
    export analyzed data in different formats (PDF, CSV, JPG).

  • The ability to create proofs of concept for clients and deliver new functionality for the portal much faster.

"We have worked together for such a long time that all the areas in which we had issues we were able to talk through and correct. At this point, there is nothing I would change. My advice to anyone working with JEVERA would be to voice any issues/concerns you may have."

Eric Wright

Chief Information Officer at SEAD Software LLC


Check the full case study conducted and verified by Clutch.


Working with the JEVERA engineering team, we always have full confidence in their clear understanding of the business needs, realistic resource and cost estimation, creative software design, and timely delivery with superior quality.

Warren Wright

CEO, SEAD Software LLC


Deep dive into digital transformation and software modernization with us.

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