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Cashierless Stores Refuse POS Software: Truth or Trick

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Recently Amazon and Starbucks made hype in the media. They have launched self-service stores. No queries, cashiers, and waiting: just buyers and their smartphones. People can order desired items via an app, pick them up in the store and pay remotely using credit cards. Who wouldn’t be happy?

Competition makes retailers turn time-consuming shopping into safe and convenient services. They implement smart carts, expand payment options, and digitize a place we knew as a brick and mortar store.

Do companies need robust software to move in this direction? Oh, yes! But it seems there’s no room for a traditional point of sale system anymore. Nobody says, “I will ensure the cashierless checkout process but keep my point of sale equipment for old time’s sake”.

So, is this the end of the POS era? We’ll try to find it out below.

Will POS systems have a future in 2022?

Before answering this question, let’s remember what POS system is for you, me, and all grocery stores worldwide. First, it’s a cashier’s workplace. So, when Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks say out loud that checkouts are in the past, it makes it sound like “We’re done with POS”.

If we perceive the point of sale as an auxiliary system, then yes - it’s in the distant past.

It’s arduous to find a point of sale with the only feature to perform a checkout procedure. At least, this software:

  • can generate tax reporting

  • allows clients to use loyalty programs

  • helps collect data on customer preferences

What a POS software can do

But is it enough?

The sharks of the retail sector and famous vendors like SAP have decided to implement and create new points of sale.

Is there a future for those limited POS we’re used to? Probably not. Now, the checkout software is the future.

POS Systems are Dead. Long Live the Checkout Systems!

What is a Checkout System?

A new generation of point of sale is the checkout software - digital products creating a connected ecosystem around.

An ordinary product turned into a versatile store management solution integrating with dozens of back-office systems (like ERP, CRM, logistics, loyalty, etc.) and all the equipment & sensors inside a store (smart carts, cameras, fridges, motion sensors).

Some people think that a boosted point of sale is a sort of a digital twin. Well, maybe they are right because due to it, retailers can create an exact virtual copy of the entire store with its halls, processes, supply chain, etc.

Checkout Software: Scope of Operations

Well, pardon the pun, but the checkout system can successfully operate without checkouts. What else?

  • Due to CS, stores can charge an accurate total purchase cost from our bank accounts.

  • Tax authorities know what income a retailer has received in a certain reporting period.

  • It ensures the availability of goods on the shelves by integrating with warehouse & logistics systems and third-party software.

  • CS allows employees to manage all the equipment in a store with a few clicks.

  • The software ensures online order receiving, processing, and on-time delivery.

Looks impressive, but it’s just a tiny part of those this generation can.

Checkout System & Employees

Do you know CS can be empowered by an employee gamification module and task manager? This way, it will allow tracking staff performance & KPIs, defining the most engaged specialists.

What a Checkout software can do

Recently JEVERA has gained expertise in checkout system development. Built-in self-service and employee gamification features make it more complex. Consequently, this solution helped a client optimize processes, reduce staff errors by 15% and increase employee productivity.

Yes, the future belongs to CS, a central block of sale, facility, assortment, and employee management. The system optimizing dozens of routine processes and connecting them under one roof is always in demand.

Since checkout software is pretty young, only a few vendors can offer it as a versatile product. But many companies have started custom development of checkout systems without even suspecting they will become mainstream.

The Bottom Line

As seen, it’s not so easy to get rid of the point of sale systems. Even if smart carts replace checkouts in every second store, the new generation of POS or the checkout system will be there for proper management. After all, it runs all processes inside a store and integrates business with third-party systems around.

Does your business need the checkout system implementation? Drop us a line to use our expertise and discover what type of software will be efficient in your case.


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