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Breakthrough Insights from the 2nd Future of Ukraine Summit

Updated: Mar 7

During the two days, February 15-16 Stockholm, Sweden has become an epicentre for innovation trendsetters with a special emphasis on Ukraine. The 2nd Future of Ukraine Summit gathered the best ideas and brightest speakers to discuss innovations in AI, digital transformation, IT and data management, healthcare, cyber security, and drones.

We are excited to share our experience gained by our Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Iryna Manukovska, who performed as a speaker, and to tell you more about valuable insights on beneficial business models.

Hit your seats as we have a lot to share!

Healthcare digital transformation

Digital transformation has a certain influence on healthcare, though many say it needs to be deeper, as the industry struggles to follow digital strategies. As a result, just 7% of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have gone digital, in contrast to 15% of businesses in other sectors.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration improves healthcare results by allowing institutions with less expertise to access top-tier information, eventually saving lives. It centres around getting the knowledge of the best specialists. In telemedicine, there is an inverse relationship, patients with lower risks requiring less intervention.

Ukraine presents a great variety of healthcare start-ups that develop and thrive, assimilating into war realities. Mostly, they are created by medical professionals, who seek not just funding but also high-quality specialist skills and networks.

One such example is Mission Kharkiv. They created medical bunkers, which were launched in Kharkiv. It is designed to keep particular medicine, assisting oncological patients and those requiring special therapy.

Sustainable business models

While the social impact business model focuses on positive change, it also understands the significance of producing long-term income to fund operations and expand its influence. Businesses are becoming increasingly accountable to both the community and their stockholders. Now, forming a corporation just for profit, regardless of the cost, is not an option.

Ukrainian business illustrated it as well. Beetroot Academy showed how it is possible in its example. They now provide lessons to Swedish organisations on how to find a use for AI. Doing business with Ukraine is always beneficial!

Diverse teams perform better

Inclusion and diversity are critical for a team’s success. Furthermore, inclusive teams perform up to 30% better in circumstances with high diversity. Belonging to a group means to feel included and be welcomed by other members. 

This feeling opens up an interest in what people do and such individuals will be more interested and devoted to their responsibilities. It also can help increase productivity and team effectiveness.

Employing people from different origins or cultures is simply one part of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. It’s crucial to create an atmosphere in which anyone is treated with equal dignity.

Vinnvoa’s Program Manager within innovation, gender equality and digital technologies, Moa Persdotter, provides figures that back up the relevance and advantages of gender equality and inclusion, demonstrating that they affect not just sustainability but also creativity, agility, and resilience. It is now clear that to attract European investments, an equality strategy must be developed.


We are happy to get such insightful information and thrilled to share it! Ukraine has wide possibilities for innovation, even during such hard times. We hope that our future visit to this summit will be filled with the same excitement and good knowledge. We are also grateful to everyone who contributed to the project and made it possible, as well as the opportunity to express our views.

To know more details about all the insights, simply contact us and we’ll gladly guide you through.


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