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By People For People or How the JEVERA Team Is Working on the United Nations Granted Project

Updated: Sep 1

This story began long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. One of our clients, a non-commercial organization, requested our help with their initiative to create a space for the private sector, simplifying the selection of partners. Sure before these shocking events, we were going to implement it in a bit different way. But still, the war came and made us change our approach.

Ukrainians and Ukrainian businesses faced a massive humanitarian and economic disaster. It's not a secret that everybody in Ukraine now is striving to help us survive in any possible manner. Each of us has our fronts and struggles.

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Meanwhile, companies and ordinary people joined forces to help out everybody who needed support. Agree that it would be impossible to deliver body armor without business involvement: somebody should produce it, and others should take care of delivery.

We took the initial idea to turn it into a basis for synergy of public and private sectors for quicker partner selection, efficient collaboration, and accurate reporting. From March 2022, JEVERA and its partners, including, have been doing their best to launch the full-fledged product faster.

Max Koval  Project Manager at JEVERA Software

"We received just a bold idea, and our task was to turn it into a mature solution. It's really challenging since this process requires deep knowledge and creativity. Meanwhile, our team members are happy about it. All of us have the motivation to go live faster. The development process is quite quick, like in best theoretical books. We created MVP after 2 weeks of intensive building. It's because of the huge effort of the JEVERA team and easily customized XME. fast code platform's features, of course."

Max Koval

Project Manager at JEVERA Software

Our vision matched the United Nations' goals concerning solving the Ukrainian economic crisis. The authority chose our project as worthy of its annual grant. It was a significant achievement for all involved parties because we feel the scale of responsibility.

"I was inspired that we received a grant from the United Nations. It means that our work matters for all Ukrainian people and all people worldwide since this solution can change the usual approach to business negotiations and partner selection."

Taras Savitskyy

Java Software Engineer at JEVERA Software

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So what is the solution about?

We're creating one platform for business relation-building and a mobile application to manage warehouses properly. Together, these products can improve:

  • the contractor's selection by making it times faster

  • the monitoring of proper obligations fulfillment

  • the cooperation between public authorities and business

  • the warehouse & logistics processes

  • the involvement of investment

"This project is an opportunity to help volunteers, investors, and other participants to systemize processes, boost work efficiency and simplify additional but time-consuming tasks if performed manually. Time is the most valuable asset, and we should optimize its usage now."

Olena Skoropys

IT Business Analyst at JEVERA Software

After three months of work, we've already presented a significant part of ready functionality to the client and future platform users. Now it's time to wait for feedback. Meanwhile, we're confident this solution will become a significant step toward Ukraine's recovery.

Ievgen Chupryna  Software Architect at JEVERA Software

"As we created the tech requirements ourselves, my task was to validate them and create the concepts of their realization. code platform's elements help us out since it's much more efficient to focus on customization than on development from scratch. We saved time, so Ukrainian people and businesses will receive support faster."

Ievgen Chupryna

Software Architect at JEVERA Software

"It was a great experience to work side-by-side with various people aiming to achieve the same goal. We did a unique and high-quality job when working with data and their visualization."

Taras Savitskyy

Java Software Engineer at JEVERA Software

An analysis of new solutions' functionality shows that it might bring more value not only for Ukrainians but for all businesses around the globe. They will support digital transformation and the desire to accelerate business processes. In turn, it means faster time-to-market, better customer experience & CLV, and empowerment of competition by digital methods.

"To be honest, I didn't aim to affect the global supply chain or business development. Because, the first-priority task here is to save Ukrainians. Meanwhile, I'm sure that this approach is necessary for all businesses worldwide since it would help them cope with challenging situations under any conditions, including force-majeure."

Olena Skoropys

IT Business Analyst at JEVERA Software

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Wrap Up

The JEVERA team appreciates this project for a new experience, attitude, and conditions. It shows that each human's actions matter, and people should apply them for good. High responsibility and challenges motivate us to come to the rescue as soon as possible.

Olena Skoropys, IT Business Analyst at JEVERA Software, shared,

"For me, this project provided an opportunity to apply over 15 years of my background in tax consulting, work with various ERPs, and understanding of business processes."

Well, each of us shows our capabilities and the power of real motivation here. For some, it is an excellent start to a career; for others - us a chance to apply knowledge and own development ideas.

But for everybody, this initiative is the opportunity to save Ukraine in the way we can.

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