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JEVERA Achievements 2023. The Experience Has Taught Us Well!

Updated: Jun 6

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so it’s time to showcase what we went through this year and how proud we are of what was achieved. This also means that despite all the challenges in the country and business, JEVERA Software is ready for more ambitious plans to achieve in 2024. So, keep reading as we are about to share our valuable gainings.

JEVERA and business

We can’t finish this year without highlighting that our thorough dedication paid off and, as a result, there was no loss in customers. Clients and partners relied heavily on us and we did our best to meet these expectations. Such a result is a true vote of confidence in the work which we have been doing.

As you know, JEVERA has never limited itself in terms of geographical expansion. While maintaining our current affairs, our dedicated professionals have met up with business representatives in these countries:

The high standards of our service and the quality of the work we do indicate us the best. As a result, the POS developed for OKKO shows impressive results. 

Within 2023, the company has attracted another influential client in the retail and healthcare area. We provided a middleware solution that significantly improves applications’ communication from different domains. So, now it is being used by 1,500+ employees that are spread across 190 spots.

JEVERA rewards

In 2023, JEVERA got its recognition by receiving the Clutch Global Award. We are among the Top B2B Companies! This past year has become a real milestone for the company because it brought this wonderful award, which became the embodiment of our joint efforts and tireless work.

Besides bringing lots of delight, such a recognition inspires us for development of new ideas. It helps to look to the future with optimism and hope that the coming year will bring us even more significant achievements.

JEVERA and People

Winning internal battles

The full-scale invasion has put hard times on people in Ukraine. Despite an ongoing war and uncertainty, JEVERA has swiftly recovered from its impact. We define ourselves as investors in the future, so we were one of the first businesses to open back to active hiring in April 2023, to attract professionals. Our company believes in building a better future for our society with our people and puts a lot of effort into that.

Workspace diversification

The company always puts its employee’s safety as a top priority, hard times require creative decisions. Despite the shell bombing and blackouts, we managed to create new working areas. In 2023, JEVERA expanded the working spaces supplying uninterrupted power and the Internet (we have Starlinks everywhere now).

Teams are no longer worried for their safety while working in the office, that’s why the number of people there is always high. Our professionals are actively involved in daily tasks, especially in our R&D office in Chernihiv. Besides, as some colleagues moved to the western part of the country, we opened up an additional space there in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Of course, we can’t omit the new office in the capital city of Kyiv, a beautiful and modern area designed with passion and dedication.

Donations at our heart

The year 2023 has taught us how to adapt to all challenges. However, we understand that we can only win if we are united. That’s why JEVERA hasn’t stopped its initiatives to help others. The foremost task is a donation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and to the funds supporting Ukrainians.

To help as much as we can, company's professionals developed a special Telegram bot, so every employee can raise awareness about ongoing campaigns. This initiative helped beyond 20 enormous projects happen this year, including aid for children diagnosed with cancer.

JEVERA and marketing

Events and summits

Looking back at 2023 feels like it just flew by. However, we can recall some of the brightest tech gatherings that we have visited. To give a few names that took our hearts away:

  • Dublin Tech Summit. We took part as exhibitors with a dedicated stand there and shared thoughts on the significance of a backup plan, the importance of technology accessibility, and the need for AI regulations.

  • London Tech Week. Continuing our trips, we landed in London to gather insights about how businesses have changed and developed after AI introduction, global digitalization, and technology adoption.

  • Web Summit. It was a gas to see inspirational leaders who are changing the world in one place. The panel talks covered the importance of soft skills for professionals. Experts discussed the creation of AI strategy while being prepared to face obstacles it may provide, as well as booming trends of collaboration between tech giants and small startups.

Telecom investigations

Since its foundation, JEVERA has built a strong expertise in different areas, and telecom is one of our major objectives. In 2023, we, together with the IT Association of Ukraine, presented a thorough investigation of digital transformation in the telecom businesses. In the whitepaper, we raised the importance of:

  • The methods of processing data to transform cybersecurity

  • Successful business models that will improve business performance in 2024

  • Achieve revenue by applying working strategies for digital transformation

Marketing and PR

During this year, we have been able to connect with a vast audience through our marketing channels and being featured in local and international media:

  • Authority Magazine

  • Business & Finance Media Group

  • Forbes Community Council

  • British Computer Society

  • FOCUS ON Business



The bottom line

We are proud of what we achieved this year. The hard times taught us how to move barriers and introduce new ideas. The plan for the 2024 business year is ready and we are certain of improved results and reaching new heights. We are looking forward to sharing good news in 365 days! Happy Holidays!


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