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"The coverage is incredibly reliable and is critical to our success", the CIO of SEAD Software

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, Clutch conducted an interview with Eric Wright, the CIO of SEAD Software, and published a customer review on JEVERA's profile on the platform. In his review, Mr. Wright describes the solution SEAD Software is developing teamwise with JEVERA and dives deeper into the partnership details between the two companies.

About SEAD Software in brief: "At SEAD, we provide our customers with Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Process Automation as a subscription-based service", shares Eric Wright.

Customer Review Summary

"JEVERA Software Solutions has created a POC for a cryptocurrency-related project in 2 weeks, beating the long-term deadlines of competitors. They've exhibited smooth project management, allowing the client to track bug fixes, feature improvements, and funding. They're accessible and honest."

Business Challenge SEAD Software Was Facing

"To support the demand for our services, we needed to create a platform that would allow us to quickly build relational databases, web-based data entry forms, REST API connectivity to the underlying data, and a role-based permission web portal that could be customized to our clients desire.

The goal is to create a low/no-code platform that could allow a DBA to do their job more effectively and take on programming tasks that would otherwise not be able to do."

The Provided Solution

"We started with the basic concepts needed for our portal which were administrative and connectivity to our existing BI solutions. We then focused on creating a solution for our team to quickly create databases and data entry forms without writing any code, allowing us to create custom environments faster with fewer mistakes.

The next major step was to allow easy access to documents (PDF/CSV/JPG) and data via a REST API that would be automatically created when designing these systems. Our development is ongoing and now based on feedback from our customers and preparing the platform to be productized."

Business Results

"We were able to create a POC for a cryptocurrency-related project in 2 weeks, in which all our competitors provided a 3-4 month timeline to mirror. This is the power of the platform that JEVERA has been instrumental in building. In order to achieve this, JEVERA was required to deliver new functionality to the platform within that 2 week period.

They did so with very little notice and were able to navigate the aggressive deadline without missing any of our long-term deliverables."

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