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JEVERA belongs to the Top Software Engineering Firms in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Our team here at JEVERA woke up to an exciting announcement this morning! We were just awarded as one of the software development providers by! Most successful businesses have opted for investment in B2B providers in recent years, so you must pick the best one. Clutch ranking us amongst 2020's top software engineers made our day!

"We are pleased JEVERA is again among the Clutch leaders on software development. Telecom companies & Big Retail choose us as the best vendor to outsource their challenges. Grateful to our clients for the support!" - Head of Sales Development, Julia Sukhorukova

The Clutch's team of analysts takes the time to verify each review they conduct independently from clients around the globe. When you're looking to hire your next B2B service provider, is the premier ratings and review site to find the best agencies in Ukraine like JEVERA!

Clutch's reputation makes us thrilled that we have an outstanding rating on their site! We're praised for a variety of projects we've worked on among our software development services:

  • Modernization of Software systems

  • Enterprise software development, and integration

  • Data engineering: Data management (Processing, migration, visualization, governance)

  • High-load systems

  • Monolith-to-Microservices

  • Cloud migration, etc.

With our other perfect satisfied reviews, the B2B resource platform ranked us as one of the world's best software engineers for 2020! We're incredibly honored.

Thanks to our many satisfied customers for allowing Clutch to recognize us if you want to join their ranks, reach out today!


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