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Legacy migration is not only about software. It’s about moving towards a sustainable future. We consider that by sharing the ideas of support and help, we can build responsible communities ready to change the world around us.


I've always been a very active person, and I wanted to stay active even being retired. Thank you!


This is Mrs. Olena Kvita.

She wants to start her student career once again in 70. Just like JEVERA, Olena forges ahead and strives to develop. We decided to help.


This year we won't make traditional holiday presents for our customers and partners. Instead, spend finances to support Olena Kvita, who tends to grow but can't afford it.


We awarded Mrs. Kvita with the JEVERA Scholarship because we believe she can do it! She loves to study psychology, computer science, and culture. Next year Olena will graduate from the University of the Third Age (for students 65+) Proton with YOUR help.


The University helps over 2 000 students to stay active, learn something new, and what’s even more important: they don’t feel lonely in the modern world of technology.


All the JEVERA team would like to thank YOU for your support. With projects we've made together, we can not only help YOUR companies migrate to the future but also support individuals who are changing their lives for the better.


In 2021 JEVERA has changed — we have got a new brand voice, colors. A new slogan.


Before making such a transformation, we dove deep into our history, analyzed what we have been doing all these 11+ years. And we understood that we have been helping our clients to migrate their digital landscape to a better future. But we believe migration is not only about software.

Migration is about transforming into something better, changing the world around, and helping others. So, this year we decided to support a person that is looking for a better future and needs some help. We have established the annual JEVERA Scholarship because we believe, that knowledge is one of the key drivers of transformation.

We became partners with the University of the Third Age because we have something really important in common: the desire to support those who do not want to fold hands but move ahead, change and grow.


I believe that it's all in our hands, and by our actions today, we create a better tomorrow. If you have an opportunity to help someone, simply do so. 

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