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LinkedIn Tech News Digest: February 2022

Deloitte.Digital: Elevating Customer Service

The way to customers' hearts is through contact center software. Deloitte says that the demand for agent help is growing. Its Global Contact Center Survey showed 5 trends that responded leaders are adopting to spark better operations.

Agile service, AI, distributed workplaces... What else?

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Esther Shein for 7 hot & 4 cold IT budget investments

In what tech improvements is better to invest in 2022? revealed top "hot" and "cold" areas for IT investment to help companies receive high ROI.

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Gartner: Supply Chain Sustainability & Management

Gartner: Supply Chain Sustainability & Management

Gartner shared Supply Chain Sustainability Trends Report

The company says sustainability is a core goal for 70% of supply chain leaders. Meanwhile, 30% of respondents have no or low-maturity sustainability initiatives. Gartner prepared top trends and insights in this area for those who want to improve the supply chain by using a sustainable approach.

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As banks’ cloud spending surges, financial regulator encourages a multi-cloud approach

Financial regulators encourage banks to use a multi-cloud approach.

Banks' investment in cloud computing services is forecast to grow more than 16% a year through 2024. Oracle called banks' high spending for cloud services the main reason for the governments' initiative.

Aaron Ricadela, a Senior Director at Oracle, shared details.


Barnas Hus: Supply chain transformation for a growing future

Norway’s leading retail chain used a KPMG product to overcome supply chain issues.

Barnas Hus, a Norwegian retailer, fixed ongoing supply chain issues by KPMG Powered Enterprise | Supply Chain.

"A new state-of-the-art warehouse utilizes robotics to accurately pick, sustainably pack, and track every product heading into stores, giving Barnas Hus the visibility of inventory it always needed," shared in KPMG.

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Kroger and Nuro announce expanded collaboration to power grocery delivery service

Kroger uses new autonomous vehicles set to power grocery delivery services

Kroger begins 2022 with innovations in its delivery service. The company announced its cooperation with Nuro - the enterprise producing third-generation autonomous delivery vehicles.

"Grocery delivery through autonomous vehicles is a leading-edge e-commerce solution that offers customer-focused convenience – regardless of basket size," reports Kroger.

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Kroger and Nuro announce expanded collaboration to power grocery delivery service


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