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"JEVERA is a reliable technology partner.", Shareholder, O-Digital

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

In early June 2022, the Clutch platform published a customer review by Mr. Oleksandr Lyashenko, Shareholder & Executive partner @ O-Digital. The review covers the challenge the customer was facing, the tech solution provided by JEVERA, and, of course, the achieved business results.

About the Customer: O-Digital is a Ukrainian IT company providing its services to local retail chains and supporting its clients' digital transformation by implementing innovative technology and business solutions. The company contracted JEVERA to join a project of custom software development for its customers' chain of 400 convenience stores.

Customer Review Summary

"JEVERA covered the full development cycle of the Point of Sale software for our retail client. From design and solution architecture to complex development and post-productive support."

Business Challenge O-Digital Software Was Facing

The legacy POS software O-Digital's client was using was slowing down the company's digital transformation. Due to the complexity of legacy interfaces, the store staff was making mistakes during checkout and the onboarding process for new store employees was complicated and consequently took much more time than the retailer expected.

The Provided Solution

Development and implementation of an entirely new POS infrastructure that covers full orders’ lifecycle:

  • processing;

  • work-shift management;

  • wet-stock-related operations, etc.

Integration POS with the client’s loyalty systems, external payment systems, and back-office systems as well as with a variety of IoT devices.

Business Results

The brand-new Point of Sale software made it possible to optimize the employees' onboarding process, accelerated the checkout process, and reduced the amount of human-caused mistakes. The solution is already serving the retailer's 400+ convenience stores all over Ukraine and is treated as a significant step towards the digital transformation of the business.

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