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JEVERA growth among Clutch best software development companies

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Clutch is a B2B research, reviews, and rating platform. It consumed to be a data-driven informative guide for buyers to make better purchasing decisions when choosing service providers.

Each year they evaluate companies according to a list of unique scoring factors like technical experience, ability to deliver goods and market presence, industry recognition, verified consumer reviews. The last one is the crucial factors in Clutch’s ranking system. To create a case study-like review their business analysts interview a company’s partners and clients.

Among the variety of segments covered by Clutch, software development is the one they are the most competitive and strong in. Since 2018 JEVERA (ex JBS, LLC) has become a regular participant of their best B2B software companies rating ― the fact we are very proud of.

Clutch 2018: JEVERA in the list of leading big data & software solutions development firms

JEVERA on Clutch

In 2018 JEVERA was recognized Clutch as one of the worldwide leading big data consultants and custom software developers. We were also featured as one of the best big data consultants on The Manifest (Clutch’s sister website)!

Among the factors determining JEVERA’s position in that research were client base, demonstrated work, and most important – the ability to deliver on past projects as determined by their clients.

Clutch also ranked us as Ukraine’s top software development service. This success we owe to JEVERA clients and their positive feedback in in-depth interviews with Clutch analysts published on our Clutch profile.

We are proud and grateful for what business partners said at Clutch about their experience with JBS:

  • “They’re very smart” – Founder & CEO, Rightway

  • “They’re able to become experts on a topic within just a few weeks” – CEO, IT Company

  • “We’re impressed with their deep knowledge of high-load systems architecture and business processes” – CEO, TIW AG

This motivated our team to continue improving big data engineering and custom software service to win the #1 spot in Ukraine & worldwide.

Clutch 2019: JEVERA ― №1 Ukraine custom software development company

Unlike the lighting, JEVERA strikes twice! It was the second year our company as a headliner of the top Clutch’s list of IT and business services in Ukraine.

Check our Clutch 2019 break down, JBS was ranked highly for its 2 focus areas:

Custom software development

Big Data Engineering

  • The management, governance, visualization, migration, and processing of Data

  • Migration from Monolith to Microservice architecture

  • Highload systems

  • Cloud-based solutions

Custom Development Services

  • Software systems modernization

  • Enterprise software

Thanks to JEVERA’s clients giving our work 5-stars and positive feedback at Clutch we again were listed in the best Ukraine data analytics company at The Manifest.

“We are pleased JEVERA is again among the Clutch leaders on software development. Grateful to our clients for the support!” Julia Sukhorukova, Head of Sales channels development

One of the high points in our work was our portfolio featured on Visual Object’s website among the most highly-skilled developers. Again we owe this success to our clients.

We are working to ensure that in 2020 we enter the list of the best software development companies.

Thanks to the 10 years experience of development telecom, retail, and many other business software solutions we know how to make our clients’ projects effective and fast.

Thus, if you’re looking for a reliable team or tool to build an MVP or any other project, contact our team! As an award-winning tech firm that specializes in custom software services, we’re sure to be an asset to your business.


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