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JEVERA Achievements 2022: Through the Thorns to the Stars

Updated: Jun 6

Do you feel a Christmas spirit in the air? This year, it has a different mood: it makes people be thankful for their lives, families, and safety. Traditionally, it's time to sum up everything that has happened in the last 365 days and write bold plans for the future. We decided to follow this ritual again and share core achievements the JEVERA team reached in 2022, regardless of the war, blackouts, and daily ​​struggle for existence.

Henry Ford once said, "Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." But we are proud to pay attention to those obstacles and overcome them since challenges helped JEVERA become flexible, ready to force majeure and contribute more to the clients' prosperity.

Nothing can stop our team from delivering value to businesses - CEO about the ability to withstand a superior force

No matter what the scale of a disaster is, there's always room for opportunities. The same goes for Ukrainian IT businesses that looked for efficient ways to organize uninterrupted work and found them. Moreover, companies achieved growth in revenue and managed to support the Ukrainian economy owing to the hard work of military forces, partners' support, and clients' trust.

"First of all, I'll use a chance to express my gratitude to Ukrainian military forces for fighting with an enemy daily and making our victory closer. I also appreciate the entire JEVERA team for resistance, understanding, optimism, and faith in the future. And, of course, our dear clients and partners - thank you for your support and for staying with us.

When it comes to the power and invincibility of the Ukrainian people, the numbers talk by themselves. The IT business continues to work for economic growth and demonstrates the rise even after months of the war. The scope of fees and taxes paid during the nine months of 2022 is $1.3 bln, which is 13% more than in 2021. During the 10 months of 2022, the domain brought a whooping $6 bln of export income. It's 10% higher compared with last year.

It's pleasant to explore that 43.1% of responded IT companies expect business growth considering the results of 2022. Meanwhile, 93.4% of local enterprises are going to invest in Ukraine.

We're inspired by these promising results and believe that the real power is to find opportunities even in the darkest times. The JEVERA team continue its work even during bombings when sitting in shelters to support a national economy. We have action plans to withstand blackouts and other issues caused by this war. We are fighting, and we will win!"

The main priority is people's safety. How BCP (business continuity plans) work in JEVERA — COO talks about adaptability

One of the core IT business features is its ability to tailor to circumstances starting with updated client requirements and ending with driving the situation during any accident, whether war or a natural disaster. We had an opportunity to experience the entire spectrum and create efficient plans for any case. This approach allows our partners and clients to be sure that JEVERA will always stay afloat and deliver real digital value.

"The transformation of business processes, internal communications, and our approach to delivery started during the pandemic. We experienced the first serious push showing the importance of responding to unexpected circumstances. The beginning of the war forced us to double-check our results in this field and improve them. We didn't believe in the worst scenario, but still, we had to be ready. The team developed action plans for various cases. Unfortunately, we understood that the war would not end soon, so the C-level started working on long-term business plans and strategies when the first stress passed.

Communication in such conditions is crucial, so we launched an internal digest to inform colleagues about the most relevant things. Our HR team has prepared guides on how to act in these non-ordinary conditions.

The staff turnover is still 19,5% regardless of the war, which is also a good omen. It means people are strong enough to continue working and delivering valuable results. To help talents, we launched a project of psychological support for the team to prevent mental health issues.

During 2022, we managed to hire 11 top-notch talents to empower our team. JEVERA started the active recruiting process in August, but I'm proud to say that all hired specialists are completing or have already completed their trial periods successfully.

Another great news is the JEVERA Software C-level team now consists of 62% of women, which proves that the IT field is not the niche for gender stereotypes anymore."

JEVERA is ready to share best practices with businesses worldwide — Digital Transformation Officer about trends

We got a unique opportunity to see how digital transformation improvements of Ukrainian businesses can work despite force majeure. It's not news that companies experienced challenges with supply chain, search, cooperation with partners, and implementation of new software. Enterprises found solutions in the collapse, and we're proud to admit that JEVERA Software was one of the drivers of this process.

"Among our significant achievements in this field was the creation of a large platform for business cooperation backed up by the United Nations. During Q1 2022, together with the client's team, we successfully completed the rollout of the updated POS at 400+ points of sale. We started its development in 2021, but the final deployment occurred during active hostilities. Moreover, the system had to be adapted to a new reality not foreseen before.

Cooperation with national businesses this year provided JEVERA with solid software development expertise, particularly for retail and telecom enterprises. We built robust, reusable solutions and we are actively implementing them with foreign partners. Consequently, in 2022, Ukrainian companies will continue requesting our team to help implement bold ideas and develop innovative products. It means they make plans for the future, and strive to grow and scale. This fact is really inspiring.

Now, JEVERA is negotiating with partners and clients from the US, the EU, the Middle East, and Israel. We show them that the trends and actions born in the war conditions can be borrowed, scaled, and used to achieve confidence and stability in the future. Businesses can consider the lessons learned and prepare the software ecosystem for any disaster. "

All delivery deadlines were met — Delivery Head talks about projects

The contractor's ability to provide results timely was the main concern for B2B clients when cooperating with Ukrainian IT service providers. Threats to life, relocations, blackouts, and other similar issues are always risky since they might affect the pace of software development and digital product functionality. Meanwhile, the proper management and ability to be a step ahead allowed JEVERA developers to keep high customer satisfaction, meet deadlines and deliver best-of-breed digital solutions on time.

"This year was highly challenging. Meanwhile, we have started a transformation of delivery processes during the pandemic. That experience helped us organize development properly. We almost haven't had any missed deadlines since the full-scale invasion.

The war significantly affected none of the 11 projects we were working on during this year. It is the merit of our strong teams that are ready to support each other and the team. For example, when one of the team members cannot complete a task for some reason, their colleagues pick them up. We also have teams that plan their work considering the locations of their members, blackouts, etc. The workload is distributed.

In 2022, we finalized the creation of a strong DevOps team. Now JEVERA is in the stage of development and systematization of all processes around it. The BA and QA teams experienced organizational changes that drove better results."

JEVERA's CTO about the unification of software development approaches and the AWS certification

The above achievements might convince you that JEVERA did a lot from a business perspective. It's true. Meanwhile, we also pay attention to tech improvements and keep the latest trends on the radar. This year, our development team was a defender of Ukraine, an evangelist of digital transformation, and an innovator regarding promising tech changes. Consequently, all we perform in this field affects the value we deliver to our customers.

"This year, we paid more attention to the implementation of commercial and volunteer projects as well as began an active transformation of the technical department. We created a working group of architects whose task is to conduct regular consultations on approaches to projects, exchange experience and knowledge, joint search for solutions to complex technical problems, development of unified approaches to software design, development, delivery, and testing.

The year 2022 became a push for JEVERA to partner with Amazon. We had been thinking about it for a long time but postponed that process for various reasons. This fall, we started actively preparing for the certification in four areas — Architecture, Development, SysOps, and Cloud Practitioner. We expect the results at the beginning of 2023."

Move only forward — CMO about JEVERA's plans for the future

This year was also fruitful for JEVERA from the marketing perspective. We expanded our business horizons, tried fresh approaches to surprise our current clients, and helped new ones to find a starting point for their digital transformation journey. Despite conditions, the JEVERA team is 100% ready to master new markets, implement efficient strategies, and spread the values it believes in.

"JEVERA set course for changes. This spring, we completed the re-branding that started in the fall of 2021. All crucial digital channels were updated — our website, profiles on social media, online catalogs, internal materials, etc. Despite the difficult times, during the first months of the war, the marketing team updated the design and content of all website pages.

We are exploring new markets. In October, JEVERA visited GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai for the first time. Together with our partners, we presented the Ukrainian IT sector with dignity. Researching the MENA region's market, culture, and customs and attending the conference provided comprehensive knowledge and practical business insights. Consequently, we are conducting fruitful negotiations with one of the largest telecom companies in the UAE.

We are moving forward and diving into various markets in Europe and the MENA region. The team is working on more systematic approaches to cooperation with them. We thank all customers and partners who often start a conversation with the phrase "Slava Ukraini."

The Bottom Line

Any superior force is another challenge for a business to overcome. This year taught us to cope with issues and share our experiences with others to help them learn and grow smoothly. The scope of effort we put into remaining the JEVERA you know, and becoming the JEVERA you expect to work with, allowed us to reach more and build the basis for future endeavors. Thank you for staying with us. Thank you for standing with Ukraine.


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