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Assembling Best of the Best. How to Hire A Software Development Team in 2024?

Updated: Jun 6

In 2021, the global count of companies soared to 333.34 million, leading to a geometrically progressing demand for software engineers. It’s forecasted that by 2024, there will be nearly 28.7 million developers scattered across the world. Below, in this article, we will deep dive into the peculiarities of how to hire a dedicated software team.

The advantages of using a dedicated software development team

Over 68% of organisations in the United States and nearly half of enterprises in the United Kingdom today outsource their specialised development crew. The numbers reveal that there’s a clear trend toward establishing an offshore dedicated team, whether it’s launching a new product, updating existing systems, or scaling the business.

Launching a new product

Both startups and established companies find value in building dedicated software development teams for new products. This approach kick-starts the development process, saving time and money.

Long-term projects and updates

For organisations looking to update their current systems, engaging a skilled group of developers ensures an efficient and quality-driven process.


As a business grows, having dedicated teams becomes essential. Outsourcing to professionals with expertise in your specific domain or region offers clear advantages. Whether local or international, the right people can be a significant change for your scaling strategy.

Cost optimization

By opting to outsource software development, you stand to retain approximately 81.8% of your allocated budget. Dedicated development teams from Ukraine or Eastern Europe provide services at a significantly lower rate compared to those in the United States or Canada.

Dedicated teams

Efficient development process

By collaborating with highly skilled dedicated teams, you’re able to reduce the time usually spent on training. These developers are adept at swiftly adapting to your specific projects, working either full or part-time based on your needs. Such flexibility not only streamlines the development process but also enhances the momentum of your business growth.

7 quality factors to enhance collaboration with a dedicated development team in 2024

Agile methodologies and flexibility

Emphasise incremental progress through adaptable short-term planning and feedback loops. Agile methodologies foster collaboration between teams and stakeholders. This flexible approach enables quicker adjustments to changing market demands, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Remote collaboration and communication efficiency

Utilise advanced collaboration platforms that integrate real-time communication, document sharing, and project tracking. Remote work will not only be seamless, but more productive. Virtual team-building activities can also enhance team cohesion and morale.

AI-driven development and automation

Leverage AI to automate routine tasks, enhance code quality, predict potential issues, and provide personalised interactions. AI-driven insights can lead to more intelligent decision-making and efficiency in the development process.


Implement a robust security framework that includes threat detection, secure coding practices, encryption, authentication, and regular audits. This comprehensive approach ensures the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information.

Sustainable & ethical development

Incorporate energy-efficient algorithms, minimise resource consumption, and follow ethical guidelines in development to align with global sustainability goals and social responsibility.

Culturally diverse and inclusive teams

Hire software developers from different cultural backgrounds encourage diversity in team composition to cultivate creativity and innovation, and build an inclusive environment that recognizes and values diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

Mental health, wellness, and work-life balance

Creating and incorporating programs and policies that support mental health, promote well-being, and ensure a healthy work-life balance can improve productivity and team satisfaction.

How to establish a dedicated team in 2024?

Assessing your project needs

This stage comprises creating a detailed project plan that outlines the scope, requirements, deliverables, and constraints. A clear goal assists in maintaining focus and eliminating unnecessary alterations or extensions that might result in delays and increased costs.

Choosing between in-house and outsourcing

This choice depends on various factors, such as cost, expertise, control, and flexibility. Here’s a brief look at the pros and cons of both:

The choice between in-house and outsourcing is influenced by factors like budget, timeline, expertise needed, company size, and strategic goals. For instance, when bringing on a new in-house employee, businesses typically allocate around 16% to 20% of that individual’s salary for onboarding processes. If a company is in the market for multiple new specialists, these costs can multiply, leading to a substantial investment in integrating the new team members.

Searching for a reliable software development services provider

If outsourcing is chosen, finding a reliable provider is paramount. Consider two ways:

  • Through the network. Consult with partners or industry connections who have experience with service providers.

  • Through the internet. When seeking a trustworthy company, looking into customer reviews can be pretty revealing, especially if those reviews relate to projects similar to yours. Many positive reviews signal reliability, while negative ones may provide valuable insights. It’s wise to invest a little time in this research. Websites specialising in IT service ratings, like Clutch, can be excellent resources for finding these reviews.

Meetings and negotiations

Set up a meeting. Engage with potential providers to discuss offerings and align expectations.

Map the offering. Assess how their services fit with your project requirements and conditions.

Make your final decision. After careful consideration, select the provider that best suits your needs, balancing factors like cost, expertise, and compatibility.


The recent increase in worldwide demand for software development talent shows no signs of calming down, and many firms would be wise to rely on dedicated development team services. Choosing the proper software crew is critical in 2024. Organizations should carefully examine their needs, be nimble, and continually emphasize quality and efficiency in light of the rising trend toward outsourcing and its evident benefits.


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