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What Software Can Ensure Your eCommerce Prosperity

Updated: Jun 6

This article will help you find out what software solutions can support your eCommerce business and make your online audience broader. We'll talk about an online delivery calculator, a real-time campaign management system, order management middleware, and contact center software. See how merchants are already using them to boost eCommerce.

We're living in the age of eCommerce. Pandemic, wars, and other external circumstances taught us to buy online, avoid crowds in brick-and-mortar stores, reduce shopping time, and make the process more convenient.

For businesses, such a shift brought the blue ocean of opportunities as well. But the case is that challenges always accompany benefits. Companies are initiating the digital transformation process to go live in virtual mode, and they are using dozens of tools to accelerate it. But setting up eCommerce doesn't mean supporting eCommerce properly.

Here you will discover what software solutions can retain your audience, make your service more smooth, and bring real value to your merchant business.

Top 4 Software Solutions You Should Use to Support eCommerce

#1 Online delivery calculator

All online stores have a delivery calculator to inform buyers about delivery terms. It's a built-in module calculating the actual time and cost of delivery for each SKU in an online product catalog. Ideally, it should handle input information and calculate the result in a split second. However, in most cases, companies use legacy software that can't cope with a large number of requests.

Let's imagine an ordinary business day. Your online store services 5.000 buyers simultaneously. All of them open catalog pages to order something. They want to know how long they should wait for their purchases. If you're using a legacy delivery calculator, some data could be lost, some calculations may be wrong, etc. It affects your clients' experience, but we hope they stay with you.

Shipping time & cost calculation

But what about holiday shopping, Black Friday, etc. The scale of requests would be massive. If you don't cover your delivery calculator's weaknesses, you risk losing potential revenue, business opportunities, and a significant part of your audience.

Recently we designed a custom online delivery calculator for a large national retailer. It can process countless requests simultaneously, transfer data in real-time, and integrate seamlessly with the rest of the back-office systems to ensure an excellent customer experience.

A robust real-time delivery calculator is not a compulsory element when you just begin your eCommerce journey. However, it would be a significant support when your audience becomes broader.

#2 Real-time campaign management system

Real-time campaign management (RTCM) software is created to accelerate marketing activity and make it much more manageable. Let’s say you’re a CMO of a large retail company. Every time you launch a marketing campaign, you should ask IT departments for help to set up correctly. This procedure slows down the process, affecting KPIs. Neither the marketing team nor the IT one has enough resources to cope with this overload.

Therefore, enterprises use the RTCM system, which allows marketers to launch & manage countless amounts of campaigns independently from developers. This solution creates a user-friendly environment for real-time creation and management of marketing campaigns where marketers can set up new projects based on a ready-made tech part. It doesn't require any specific knowledge from users except core working principles.

Online merchants need RTCM software because it:

  • enables developers to devote time to more priority tasks

  • allows to set up marketing campaigns easily

  • provides marketers with real-time data about customer behavior

  • simplify management process

  • ensures the customized approach to each buyer

This kind of software would be handy for enterprises that have already transformed their business processes by building an optimized basis.

#3 Order management middleware

Order processing is always a challenge for merchants developing eCommerce. Customer demand is too dynamic and can be changed during the order process. But far, not every back-office system is ready to support such agility. For example, legacy ERP can’t cope with changes in an online order; employees have to update order details, applying significant effort. Meanwhile, frequent requests can lead to crashes and downtime.

To put the customer-centric values and out-of-date systems into one box and make them work for global ultimate goals achievement, companies should use a middle level of software simplifying order management processing.

JEVERA empowered a sizable national store chain with a cutting-edge order management system that seamlessly connects microservice-based components and monolithic systems.

Order Management Middleware Integrations

All orders go through the pipeline: communication channels - order management system - ERP, and other back-office systems. Before the final approval of order details, the one is processed by order management middleware. The solution takes all the order processing burden and shares only 100% accurate data. It allows retailers to reduce risks of human error and prevent downtime because of legacy software overload.

This kind of solution is suitable for both fast-growing companies and large merchants performing the step-by-step digital transformation.

#4 Contact center software

Now, online communication is the only way to provide a personalized touch to buyers. It helps offer relevant items, provides quality support, and increases revenue owing to up-/cross-sales. After the pandemic, some retailers switched to outsourced contact centers and ready-made software supporting the process.

Meanwhile, upgraded contact center software is vital for those who care about data safety and corporate values transition. In this case, managers request different vendors, like JEVERA Software, for assistance.

For example, we modernized legacy contact center solutions for one of the biggest national eCommerce retailers, serving over 10 mln online buyers. We managed to create a convenient software, boosting both customer and employee satisfaction. Owing to this solution, the merchant increased its up-sales by 50%, processing about 10.000 daily.

The robust contact center is what you need from the beginning because your interaction with buyers is your crucial asset. Make it quality & convenient for all involved parties, and you’ll see how this approach can upgrade your online business activity.

The Bottom Line

Together we only began our journey to the brave new world of software that can support your eCommerce business. You can use many more such solutions depending on your business needs and customer demand. However, these four software solutions can totally change your approach to eCommerce activity, optimize related business processes and provide your business with steady development.

Let us know if you’re looking for custom solutions to upgrade your eCommerce store. Our specialists will apply their knowledge and expertise to help you achieve strategic goals faster.

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