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What Companies and State Authorities Do With 5G: Top Use Cases

Updated: Jun 6

5G becomes closer to end users year by year. Companies spread business capabilities by buying airwaves on 5G spectrum auctions. Public authorities also master the technology since it can also empower states. So, when you’re hesitating on implementing 5G, enterprises and public sector representatives are getting the most out of this technology. Here we want to highlight the top five 5G use cases that can encourage you to think about the 5G deployment strategy right now. Scroll down to learn more.

5 Impressive Ways of 5G Usage You Should Know About

State Authority

As 5G connection provides low latency and high reliability, reducing the time to send the signal and receive the response, it can be highly effective for government officials or policymakers. Thus, human services workers are often equipped with 5G-enabled devices like AR glasses or body cameras to observe the environment during field visits. It provides detailed information about the neighborhood, nearby schools and bus stations, and crime data to evaluate people's living arrangements.


One retail area that is positively affected by 5G usage is the in-store customer experience. Merchants can use advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) to personalize pricing and promotions in-store. Also, touchless and contactless check-outs are possible, using IoT and AR for product or brand data. Meanwhile, Amazon created top-fast delivery from their stores using drones and self-driving cars powered by 5G-based software.


Verizon applies 5G to deliver compelling services inside NFL stadiums during sports games. The CSP’s customers can view live action or instant camera replays from different angles through the company's multi-view option. They are able to look at the score before a referee announces it, review the players' statistics, animated celebrations and live win probabilities. Moreover, the 5G network allows viewers to merge their images with live footage in the stadium, creating the emotions of a lifetime.


5G mobile connection enables patients to be treated remotely via doctor consultation. The health industry can offer remote diagnosis and AI-powered operations, e-health and responsive wearables, and robotics assistants to start helping people with disabilities. Thus, Apple Watch is one example of a 5G healthcare device that collects and analyzes information about the user's health features. It allows avoiding serious complications from diseases as the device signals any suspicious change in a human body.


Traditional industries such as farming use 5G sensors to collect real-time information about fertilization, livestock, and other animal needs, helping to save resources. MooCall developed a 5G-powered sensor that attaches to the cows' tail and alerts farmers when a cow is about to give birth or needs urgent help. Such devices give the farmers more control while improving the farming sector's overall productivity and financial performance.

Ways of 5G Usage

Wrap Up

Considering the widespread start of remote work, possibilities offered by cloud-based applications, and the demand for high-quality, independent connectivity, 5G networks are expected to be the most adopted technology both in private and public sectors in the coming decade.

Such networks offer state authorities and companies in retail, telecom, healthcare and farming easy access to the data for users and technological advancements. Among other benefits are a lightning-speed data transfer and the constantly increasing number of devices connected to the network.

5G already helps enterprises and the public sector implement their strategic goals quicker and manage digital transformation. It means that we should get ready for even more impressive use cases from different domains soon!

If you’re looking for a way to create a mature software ecosystem before 5G implementation - let us know. Our experts will advise you on where to start your digital transformation journey.

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