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Spooky Monthly News Digest: October 2021

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

While everyone is choosing a new turkey recipe, we offer you to make a quick look back on October and its tech news. A lot of exciting things happened during the last month: TESCO offered its clients a lightning-fast checkout, IBM's quantum computer moved to Japan, and the JEVERA crew met students of the technical university. About this and much more in our digest for October 2021.

Digital Twins: Engines of Business Transformation


Digital Twins: Engines of Business Transformation

They say competition is the engine of progress. Then why are companies still afraid to spend resources on transformation and leave everything as is? Among a trigger, businesses need guarantees that any initiative will be successful in practice.

Digital twin technology does not provide any guarantee. It allows companies to find the right solution that is worth investing in.

Continuing our acquaintance with the digital twin, we offer to consider its strengths and ways enterprises benefit from it.

More details here.

Tesco: Food to Go


"We're excited for customers in London to try our quickest checkout ever. No scanning - just Get your products and Go" Tesco tweeted.

Click here for more.

JEVERA talking to the students


JEVERA talking to the students

We love talking to students because they represent a new generation of specialists who will keep developing the local market, culture, and education. So the JEVERA crew is among the speakers of the Chernihiv.IT Education Meetups. Each Tuesday and Wednesday, the Chernihiv.IT Cluster participants meet the students of the Chernihiv National University of Technology to have an offline chat about topics the students are interested in.

Google’s new Product: the Supply Chain Twin


Google’s new Product: the Supply Chain Twin

A few weeks ago, Google announced the launch of the Supply Chain Twin. It is a cloud-based product that allows retailers to create virtual twins for increasing supply chain productivity.

The solution enables companies to combine data from different sources, study the performance of suppliers, control stocks, and eliminate logistics risks.

“The Supply Chain Twin enables customers to gain deeper insights into their operations, helping them optimize supply chain functions from sourcing and planning to distribution and logistics,” said Hans Thalbauer, Managing Director of Supply Chain and Logistics at Google Cloud.

Read the article here.

The Evolution of the Agile Manifesto


The Evolution of the Agile Manifesto

Yevgeniy Antonov, the Chief Processes & Innovations Officer at JEVERA, is about to share with you his research results on the Evolution of the Agile Manifesto. The research covers 20 years of its evolution and is divided into a set of articles. We are ready to offer you the first one. Click on the link below.

Yevgeniy has already been talking on this topic at the PMDay 2021 Conference that took place on the 9th of October in Kyiv.

Here you'll more about it.

Retail Gas Station as a Profitable Business Model


Retail Gas Station as a Profitable Business Model

According to IBISWorld, there are over 66,500 gas stations with convenience stores in the US. However, Buc-ee's, Twice Daily, and Kwik Trip remain the most visited.

Why? Is it all about delicious coffee and a pleasant interior?

In our new article, we offer to discover why the primary reason for customer choice is the willingness to legacy software modernization.

Find out more about the innovative future of the fuel station domain in JEVERA's article.

The new home of the IBM Quantum System One


IBM Quantum System One installation process at the Kawasaki Business Incubation Center:


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