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Monthly News Digest: September 2021

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The first autumn month was replete with tech news like the development of reusable beverages packaging by Tesco or the Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS Conference where Julia Dayneko, the COO of JEVERA, was talking about the influence of remote work on the business.

We’ve collected all the most catchy news posted on our LinkedIn page during September 2021.

#GartnerLive: Developing a sustainable business


Kristin Moyer with Gartner’s CEO and Digital Business Leader practice is joined by Sarah Watt from Gartner’s Supply Chain group to discuss sustainability.

More here.

JEVERA's COO: How to operate business remotely


Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS Conference co-organized by JEVERA
Recently JEVERA became a co-organizer of the annual Chernihiv.IT BUSINESS Conference. Julia Dayneko, Chief Operating Officer at JEVERA, has been talking on a very hot topic these days - how to lead the business remotely and stay efficient.

More info you will find here.

Moving retail business from offline-to-online


Case study: Offline-to-online retail business model
Each company has its path, which definitely goes through digital transformation. JEVERA has supported a national chain of stores in its desire to become a versatile retailer. We're glad to share our experience with you and describe one scenario of how to take an offline business online.

Case study available here.

Kyiv Project Management Day 2021


JEVERA's CPIO talking on the agile manifesto evolution
Have some problems with embedding Agile processes into your daily IT routine? Our CPIO is here to help! Looking forward to see our Ukrainian clients and THE TEAM at the annual Project Management Conference - Kyiv Project Management Day 2021.

Click here for more info.

A new type of environmental concern from Tesco


Reusable beverages packaging by Tesco
The company launched reusable packaging for beverages. Now, it's available in 10 stores for 88 drink lines. First-hand about how the innovation works.

LinkedIn post here.

White House intends to support the 5G rollout


The White House: 5G rollout plan
The government has announced the sale of mid-range bands by auction. Thus, it is planned that 5G will enter the lives of ordinary US residents by leaps and bounds.

For more details on the strategy and operation of 5G, follow the link:

Development of a new custom delivery calculation module


Case study: Delivery calculator for non-food retailer
Have you ever abandoned a shopping cart because of long shipping or high hidden costs? Still would! But transparency in customer relationships builds a retailer's reputation. That's why many companies strive to provide relevant information to their customers from the very beginning. We were lucky to work with one of them. For your attention, a case study on how the JEVERA team created an online delivery calculator for a large national retailer.

Case study available here.

Papa John: Artificial intelligence for the contact center


Papa John's contact center empowered by AI
"The digital initiative, dubbed PapaCall, is designed to ensure the employees' and clients' safety, as well as to improve the customer experience," admitted Justin Falciola, Papa John's Chief Insights and Technology Officer.

For more details click here.

iPhone 13 announcement by Greg Joswiak


New iPhone 13 is coming
"We’re California Streaming on September 14th. See you real soon." Greg Joswiak tweeted. #appleiphone

More details here.

The Path Through Logistics


Retail digital transformation: logistics module
Following Retail Dive, in 2021, investments for logistics technology improvement totaled $ 8.6 billion. However, lots of retailers still use outdated logistics software. In our new article, you will learn how legacy solutions can affect your reputation and what to do to avoid sad outcomes.

More details here.


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