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Mobile World Congress 2023: Business & Tech Insights for Telcos

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

MWC Conference 2023 is the biggest telco show, with 2 000 exhibitors demonstrating the latest trends, opening room for new ideas, and showing real-life success stories. The event was left behind, and we're happy to deliver the juicy details of how it was. Our CMO, Iryna Manukovska, spent an amazing four days there to share mainstreams and insights firsthand.

"I found a lot of 5G there, from security to deployment of private networks and consumption of multimedia content. MWC 2023 showed impressive results of 5G technology's impact on autonomous vehicles and robotics. We feel a buzz around Metaverse, especially in retail and gaming. IoT is widely implemented by manufacturers and used in agrotech. We noticed that businesses are not only moving with the times by adopting innovations but driving the tech revolution."

Iryna Manukovska

CMO at JEVERA Software

There's room for new approaches

Each country participant shared their tech capabilities and trends supported by local businesses. Curious that the set of technologies used includes innovations we're used to, such as 5G and IoT, as well as totally new approaches, like quantum computing. For example, in its Tech Capabilities Sheet, the UK Department for Business and Trade highlighted AI, 5G & 6G, Cyber, Quantum, Sensors, and Fintech as leading technologies. It means that businesses are evolving and setting precedents in using solutions to get ahead of the curve.

Advanced partnerships: enterprises & startups

As it turned out, the merge and acquisition model is not a trend anymore. Enterprises feel the identity and power of startups and aim to cooperate with them to create best-of-breed solutions. Companies like Orange and e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) have already chosen this way. The brightest example of enterprise & startup cooperation became a Vodafone and Dryad Networks partnership. Jointly they developed a wildfire detection technology aiming to help define and put out wildfires efficiently.

5G is on the edge

Mobile World Congress showed that 5G is a fuel power for almost all solutions demonstrated. Companies use the new generation of private networks to ensure seamless connectivity and better security. 5G is also a catalyst for IoT, AI, and AR/VR because of the sky-high speed it delivers. Technology was definitely everywhere, which means businesses strive to adopt it in a tight schedule not only to implement cutting-edge solutions but also to build a base for 6G, which was also discussed during the conference. However, 6G is only gaining momentum; companies have yet to use and expand its potential. The technology is preferably used in robotics.

Sustainability & MVNO

Many discussions and solutions were built around sustainability and the scale of the telco's environmental impact. Obvious that companies are striving to reduce energy consumption and the scale of pollution as well as ensure stable and long-lived business operations. Among the sub-events in this field that grabbed attention was the MVNO Summit, which revealed the secrets of a sustainable business model from pioneering MVNOs and businesses that expanded their offering with MVNO. From their perspective, Mobile Virtual Network Operators should be focused on personalization and connectivity.

The floor is Ukraine's

MWC 2023 became a place where Ukrainian telco operators shared their experiences and got prestigious awards. We're incredibly proud that national telecom businesses were there to showcase outstanding achievements and discuss lessons learned.

In the interview for Mobile World Live, Oleksandr Komarov, CEO of Kyivstar, talked about the details of the russian invasion of Ukraine and the consequences it has for the Ukrainian operators' infrastructure.

Meantime, lifecell received the "Best Mobile Innovation Supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations" award from GSMA for the Project Operator's Work Under Fire and outstanding contribution to the support of Ukraine.


This year, Mobile World Congress showed impressive results of business & tech synergy achieved despite the pandemic and war. Companies had a chance to learn more insights, see successful real-life examples of technology implementation, and get a portion of inspiration fueling their digital transformation journey.

If you’re looking for enthusiasts ready to walk this path with you and build best-of-breed solutions for your business - involve the JEVERA dedicated team. Contact our sales to explore how we can help develop software at a fraction of the cost and time.


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