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Let's talk about telco: connection restoration, MVNO, and more

In this article, I decided to recover the main telco-related topics we've blogged about during the last few months. One of the freshest topics here is the experience of Ukrainian mobile operators in network restoration on de-occupied territories based on the interview I conducted with Konstantin Sotnikov, Regional Operations Division Manager at lifecell. Also, we will touch upon the issue of MVNOs and how telecoms and retailers can benefit from virtual networks, and take a quick look at the development of a robust contact center together.

How To Save Connection During War: Ukrainian Telecoms Experience

The interview with Konstantin Sotnikov, Regional Operations Division Manager at lifecell, covered the national roaming launched in cooperation with Ukrainian other major CSPs, the importance of mobile connection in these hard days, and of course, the way lifecell managed to save and/or restore networks.

MVNO: How Businesses Can Benefit From Virtual Networks

In her article, Lesya Kasyan, the Delivery head @ JEVERA, briefly explains what Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is, why businesses use it, and what are the main benefits both telecoms and retailers can get by implementing the technology.

Spoiler alert: for telco, it all depends on the business strategy and consequently business model: they rent out their network to other industries (cross-industry cooperation) or create their own subbrands using owned infrastructure to widen the covered audience.

Robust Contact Center: Solutions Architect's Vision

Early June, I had an opportunity to talk to Ievgen Chupryna, Solutions Architect at JEVERA, about the transformation of legacy contact centers. We used contracted by a national retailer (160+ brick-and-mortar stores in Ukraine) as a tech partner to support their digital transformation. This case was used in the interview because Ievgen was developing the architecture of the new system.

And one more spoiler alert: we've been talking about middleware as a foundation for a modern contact center.

In case of any questions, feel free to drop us a line. Our team is always happy to help!


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