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JEVERA Summer Party: How It Was

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

The JEVERA team got together for a summer party to finally communicate beyond the screens. We all missed live conversations and wanted to remember how it feels. So, folks gathered in a private suburban complex after the company finalized all vaccination procedures.

"We just strove to provide a convenient, safe place to rest and talk," says Julia Dayneko, COO at JEVERA and one of the event organizers. "We chose the lounge concept, and it was the right decision."

During these 1.5 years of quarantine, the company has grown significantly. The current projects have expanded, and new ones have started. More new specialists joined JEVERA. Almost all of them met their teams offline for the very first time. Therefore, the lounge was a really suitable format. "It was awesome. I'm so glad that organizers were on the same page with the community. The main highlight was people we met offline for the first time in months," says one of our tech leads, Serhii Senko.

Everything people needed to spend a flawless eve was there: great music, delicious food, and a bright fire show. But the final surprise was made by Anna Tyschenko, CEO of the company. Unfortunately, Anna could not come in person, but she used the opportunity to share a few warm words via video call:

"For me, JEVERA means you. All of you! I am very proud that we are one big team that supports each other in any conditions. You're always ready to lend a helping hand, and it's so inspiring. I'm proud of you guys, have fun."

Talks, smiles, and positive vibes - those things stimulated us and gave us strength for new achievements.

So, while everyone shares impressions, the HR department plans how to surprise employees next time.


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