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How to Achieve 62K+ Man Hours Tracked During Crisis? Discover the JEVERA Approach

Social and political upheavals from the last 3 years were catalysts of severe issues. If we take 2023, for instance, the number of businesses that shut down in the UK reached an impressive 105,000 compared to freshers - 79,000. Indeed, it’s not the very best time for business now. 

However, when one door is closed, another is opened, and JEVERA, in this meaning, is a bright example of its achievements, even during hard times. Successfully combining negotiations in more than 15 countries and deploying new software features is all about us. Further, we will dwell on what we do to achieve the best results and what you should try to succeed.

What is JEVERA about?

In simple terms, JEVERA is about finding constructive solutions for any business challenge. The company concentrates on easing the route to digital transformation and aiding businesses in extending new economic prospects. This relates to various industries, from retail to oil & gas. To be specific, we have a solid expertise in:

  • Software migration and modernization

  • Integration & Migration Services development

  • Custom software development & maintenance

Our fast-growing team of more than 100 software experts is spread across Europe, with the head office in Kyiv. They work with different technologies and databases, including Java, JavaScript, and MySQL.

Since our start in 2009, we successfully delivered over 130 projects with a 100% project success score. Our practical and result-oriented approach provided JEVERA with a particular experience of 1M+ working hours of expertise.

How does the JEVERA team approach workflow?

To find our balance at work and drive the results, we apply the best of the Agile method. It goes for back office and development cycles. Our workflow is based on weekly and bi-weekly sprints. It helps our professionals to be on the same page and work seamlessly.

Why do we find Agile project management beneficial?

  • It focuses on cross-functional work in teams

  • Project division into smaller phases

  • Cycles of planning, executions, and evaluations for teams

We hate monotonous work. If somebody thinks that coding can’t be creative and fun, we prove the opposite. Our developers have their approach and apply the best solutions that the tech world can suggest. With AI democratization, they delegate some routine tasks to AI-powered bots to save time, but still with data protection risks in mind. 

How does AI democratisation help to facilitate the work of developers?

  • It serves as coding assistance. In particular, the team can speed up refactoring, conversion between data and formats, find issues in code snippets, and many more.

  • Supporting testing activities

  • Project management assistance 

With the full-scale invasion, JEVERA focused its efforts on helping those in need. The top priority was to create a safe environment for our people. All the emergency measures were applied swiftly.

What did we do to save our teams and avoid business interruption?

  • Preventive measures. Years of experience made us well at planning in advance, so in critical situations, we tried to foresee all the outcomes and apply proper steps.

  • Moving to other locations. To keep our most valuable asset, our team, we moved downstairs to the ground and basement floors.

  • Uninterrupted workflow. Our offices are armed with alternative energy sources and continuous Internet connection.

  • Introduction of emergency policies. The management team has introduced dedicated policies on how to properly use the hardware and safe energy during blackouts.

  • Communication with clients. JEVERA also took care of business partners, informing them about the current situation, measures taken, and issues to avoid miscomputation and lagging.

Marketing efforts are among our core business drivers

Marketing has been an inevitable part of our business routine the whole time. Our team of experts constantly improves online and offline presence. They engage through various channels to deliver JEVERA’s service to a broader audience.

The key aspect here is to promote the offers through high-quality content that generates leads. We understand the importance of the written material and try to provide helpful and resourceful articles rather than promote services.

JEVERA is all about collaboration. We like to share thoughts and gain valuable insights, so we attend all meetups and seminars here in Ukraine and internationally.

The way we plan our marketing activities is based on weekly sprints. Besides that, the team has daily meetings to see if everyone agrees and syncs their tasks so the entire department works as one.

There’s a work analysis at the end of every week. The team views the performance analytics and coordinates plans for the upcoming sprint.

What did we achieve with our marketing efforts?

  • Opening new markets despite the war. Even in the dark times, we managed to improve our international relationships, so as a result, JEVERA negotiated with businesses in 15 different countries during 2023.

  • The constant collaboration helped us to create an insightful whitepaper about the nuances and proven approaches to digital transformation for telcos. This comprehensive research was done in tandem with the Ukrainian IT Association.

  • Experimenting with the way we plan marketing activity and work analysis. The content is viewed every month. Now we have switched to quarterly ones to see the whole picture and to comprehend the situation in dynamics.


The beauty of the business environment is providing opportunities despite challenges. The only thing that is needed is the right approach. Seeing what others do and applying their best steps is not a shame. 

With this article, we tried to share some valuable outcomes we had encountered during our work in both good and bad times. JEVERA always seeks opportunities to enhance in doing business and teamwork. 

Now, with all the situations and outcomes provided, we want our case to stimulate others not to be afraid and do their best to achieve better results.


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