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Companies And Core Industries That Use Java

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Companies and Industries that use Java

Java is versatile. The language was created to make things easier for programmers and has been doing it successfully for 25 years. But what about the possibilities of its usage? The flexibility, object-oriented nature, clear logic, and syntax make Java the optimal solution for any product: from Big Data one to an electric kettle on the desk. It's time to consider Java-based developments, boosting core industries, and changing humanity in general.

Fantastic Four Java-Based Solutions That Changed The World

Space: WorldWind, NASA

WorldWind is both a system for highly interactive geographic data browsing utilizing the Internet, as well as a stand-alone computer application. The WorldWind system uses a novel approach to rapidly serve terabytes of imagery and elevation models for planets and other celestial objects, including satellite and other data of the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter; as well as astronomical data made available through the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. WorldWind is both a geographic browser for public domain science data, as well as a platform for land, sea, air, and space mission operations.

Scientists actively explored space and launched satellites that can track various phenomenons. However, in the early 2000s, the problem with the correct Earth relief modeling arose. It significantly took time and required special knowledge, but there was always some distortion in the result.

With the appropriate Earth models, governments could better deal with natural disasters, predicting them as well as the weather itself. And not only. They were needed to perform safe construction and keep the mining industry. All of these areas, like many others, lacked a universal digital product that would reduce modeling time and make the result accurate. So, NASA started developing the WorldWind solution back in 2002. The project was rewritten in Java in 2006.

The developers have created a space browser that allows tracking the Earth and other space bodies' relief. It's also a highly integrated application with an open API, enabling NASA data in any application. Due to the Java base, this solution is robust and cross-platform: it is used on any device regardless of the operating system.

Hiring java developers

Geospatial data is created by NASA engineers who display terrain features using elevation models and other information sources.

Thus, the WorldWind platform allows creating an application for any business area that requires Earth and other space objects visualization. The development is still actively used for administrative unit modeling, tracking weather conditions and vehicle movements, and education and training purposes.

The application has become so widespread that in the first 6 years of work, the WorldWind software has been downloaded more than 10M times, with around 11K downloads per day on average.

Finance: Simplify Commerce API, MasterCard

Not every small business representative could afford the connection to a reliable payment system. It was a rather cumbersome and lengthy procedure, while the rapid result is core for business in this matter.

MasterCard is one of the most large companies that use Java permanently. It decided to fix the situation and created the Simplify Commerce API in 2013. It's a platform that enables embedding payment pages into business applications.

The solution enables the safe conducting of payment transactions and data storage on the MasterCard servers. The main product was written in Java.

Simplify Commerce by MasterCard

Government: Brazilian National Healthcare System

Java is well suited for complex and highly scalable systems development. The Brazilian government healthcare system SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde), written in this language, is the shining proof of such a theory. Before its implementation, the healthcare system had several serious issues, making it inefficient, including the:

  • Lack of unified doctors' scheduling and patient registration systems;

  • Paper workflow. Patients' medical history data were often lost. There was no any systematization of information;

  • Inability to plan the medical area development and track internal health care system resources;

  • Impossibility to prevent the abuse of power in the healthcare system.

A developed healthcare system software enabled to establish and boost the:

  • paper flow,

  • integration between state and private healthcare sectors,

  • patient service system,

  • invoicing,

  • tracking the disease development dynamic,

  • doctors and equipment management,

  • level of safety.

This product is considered one of the most complicated and successful Java-based developments in the world. The solution contained over 2 mln lines and 350 development classes. More than 150 people, including doctors and healthcare professionals, had worked on the project at various stages of the development cycle.

Rough scheme of objects involved

The system designing was relatively inexpensive (USD 600 per person). By the way, the development of the UK healthcare system has cost almost three times as much. However, the Brazilian one is anyway more robust, scalable, and multifunctional.

The Portuguese-speaking countries such as Angola and Mozambique have created similar healthcare solutions, following the Brazil experience.

Big Data: Precise Predictive Intelligence, TransVoyant

Supply chain companies like Nestle, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson need to have reliable logistics to run the business. The delivery process depends on a variety of conditions like cars/planes/ship speed, weather, market changes, fluctuations in exchange rates, etc. Always updated data about the above and other factors are core for this field. For such a purpose, the TransVoyant company created a Big Data Java-based solution: Precise Predictive Intelligence. It can gather and proceed with over 1 trillion events per day received from different IoT devices (smartphones, street cameras, space satellites, and so on). The solution was released to the market in 2012. It enables not only to process and safely store countless amounts of data but also to analyze them. Based on deviations and anomalies in the researched areas, the product allows the formation of statistics and forecasts regarding supply and other business-procedures in real-time.

Fortune 500 Companies That Use Java

Besides truly outstanding solutions, Java supports many companies and industries. Walmart, Amazon, and other major retailers have Java solutions for e-commerce platforms and other system components. The language is also actively used by Tesla (automotive business), Boeing (aerospace area), Oracle (computer software field), and other companies from the Fortune 500 ranking.

JEVERA is hiring java developers

Why do companies use Java? - Because of its clear logic, syntax, cross-platform feature, and ability to change the software components in short terms. It still provides industries with much more than other programming languages. That is why the majority of successful business representatives in the world trust Java. It's a base for the most global progressive solutions from various industries. It means that despite predictions, Java will "live" and remain one of the most spread program languages.


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