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We use cloud services to speedify development, engage with reliable infrastructure and be aligned with the trends of the contemporary industry.

We developed several projects using services provided by AWS Cloud. We also have experience with Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

But the major focus of our attention is using AWS Web Services. Depending on the project we either used simple AWS EC2 due to robustness of infrastructure or utilized a wide range of services in order to deliver highly scalable and secured web application:


  • Route 53 for DNS management.

  • SNS and SES were used to perform various sorts of notifications (emails, SMSs);

  • Cloud Watch was used to collect and browse application logs;

  • RDS was used to set up and manage scalable PostgreSQL instance in the cloud;

  • S3 for storing images and other static content;

  • We used AWS Fargate for managing clusters of Docker containers and ECR for managing the containers;