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We use Java programming language extensively for a wide range of applications. We do development using various Java versions (several projects were developed using the recent Java 11, some of the projects are migrating to Java 8, years ago we used Java 5/6/7).

We use a variety of popular Java libraries, frameworks and tools:


  •  Spring Boot/Core/Tx/Data JPA/Security usually form the skeleton of our backends.

  •  Hibernate ORM is used to create modern data access tiers of our applications.

  •  Database schema is maintained by Liquibase.

  •  Occasionally we take Timeleaf or FreeMarker if it comes to rendering the server-side web page templates.

  •  Gradle and Maven usually come in handy for building of project source code.

  •  ElasticSearch is the main search engine for our projects, and alongside Logstash and Kibana they form a modern stack for application-level monitoring.

  •  Kafka often is used as the pub-sub middleware of our projects.

  •  Vaadin was used by our teams to build modern web applications without making actual frontend development (mostly for enterprise-level user interfaces).